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Science STEAM: Static Charge



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Science Challenge: Static Charge
Students will learn about static charge by exploring how a balloon interacts with certain materials. Learn more about what causes static electricity by experimenting and collecting data! This STEAM challenge will get your students charged up about science!

About Our Product:
Our science lesson follows a slightly modified version of the scientific method. As a result, these lessons should feel the most familiar of any of our lesson types. The only real difference to our science lessons is we encourage students to try and come up with a procedure for the experiment before the process is revealed to them. In addition, we have incorporated more opportunities for critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity in the lesson structure. Each lesson contains an easy to follow experiment with progressions and directions included. We also included pictures to make lessons accessible for all learners and teachers.

Why you will love using a science lesson with students:
✨STEAM science lessons get students excited to see science in action!
✨Our lessons are interactive, fun, and connect to the world around them.
✨Planning becomes easy! All of our lessons come ready to go for you. Cut down on planning time significantly and just gather materials!
✨All lessons integrate the 4Cs (critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration) of 21st century learning skills in an authentic, natural way.

Why your students will love doing a science lesson:
✨Students are amazed by new scientific phenomena and conclusions!
✨Students are fully engaged and interacting with science in each of our lessons!
✨STEAM science offers several hands-on learning opportunities and time to collaborate with peers!
✨STEAM Science projects build confidence after each experiment!

This bundle includes the following:
✅Classroom Google Slides: A great visual representation which guides teacher instruction through the lesson and STEAM journal. Google slides are to guide both teacher instruction and student learning. Slides can be edited or added if changes are minor to meet your material or time constraints needs.
✅Student Activity STEAM Journal: STEAM Journals guide students through the STEAM design process and the inquiry-based steps to complete the project. All student documentation is contained to one packet and packets come with both blank and filled in versions. During the lesson, you can decide how much students document and complete the packet. Also, fill in your own materials if necessary in each journal.
✅Material Sheet: The material sheet is a simple overview of materials, material amounts, tips & tricks, and supplemental materials to use if needing a substitution. The material sheet is designed to guide teachers in ordering an appropriate amount of materials needed to complete the STEAM project.
✅Read First Document: This document is important to view! Our Read First document will describe each item in the folder, how to use, and about copyrighted materials. We have also included videos explaining the process our lessons follow to better help you feel comfortable teaching the lesson.
✅Tips & Tricks for Students and Teachers: The Tips & Tricks page will describe information to guide students during the process, guide educators in the process, and examples of final builds to use as a guide for educators.

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Find our YouTube Channel, Dakota STEAM Learning LLC, for a video explanation of our science lessons.

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Science Challenge: Static Charge Students will learn about static charge by exploring how a balloon interacts with certain... read more

Science STEAM: Static Charge