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☆ 69 pages
☆ Topic: Social Boundaries and Personal Space
☆ Print and Digital (PDF and Google Slides - Text boxes already created!)
☆ Excellent for mature 8th graders - High School Students
☆ Detailed Answer Keys included
☆ Uneditable due to copyright purposes

This resource includes:

------ 35 Social Boundaries and Personal Space Activity Worksheets
------ Detailed ANSWER KEYS
------ Google Slides link


***This resource is also included in Google Slides! Text boxes have already been created to make it easier for you and your students! Each slide includes two instruction solution tabs to assist students who accidentally delete text boxes and/or when they want to zoom in (to enlarge worksheets). It's super helpful for students who are not that familiar with how to use Google Slides or need the extra assistance.


Boundaries are guidelines, rules, or limits that separates your physical space, feelings, and needs from others. Social boundaries represent physical and emotional limits that you don't want people to cross. They identify a safe and permissible way for other people to behave towards you. Being able to set and respect boundaries is a crucial part of self-care and personal development that will serve your students well throughout their entire lives. Teaching boundaries and personal space to your students is essential in helping them reach and maintain successful personal relationships, increase self-esteem and awareness, and take responsibility for creating a life that they choose versus one they are simply at the will of others.

This resource consists of 35 fun, engaging, and highly relevant activities that students can relate to to help them learn and practice how to set boundaries for themselves and respect those of others. Topics these activities relate to include:

☆ Setting/Developing healthy personal and social boundaries
☆ Respecting other people's boundaries
☆ Navigating difficult social situations
☆ Articulating personal feelings and communicating boundaries respectfully
☆ Recognizing and addressing when boundaries are being crossed, ignored, or violated
☆ Brainstorming solutions to boundary-related problems and conflicts
☆ Speaking out against unwanted behaviors

Some of the scenarios included in the activities can be used for role-playing, too! Students can practice advocating for themselves and using their words effectively to say 'No." These 'what if" scenarios can help your students explore possible solutions for creating boundaries by practicing different exercises, such as 'I statements," saying 'No" in a respectful but clear way, and appropriate gesture/nonverbal cues to indicate unwanted/uncomfortable behaviors.

This resource includes both print and digital versions (with text boxes already created)! You can assign activities to students in person or remotely " either way works!

The graphics, clipart, page borders, and fonts in these activity worksheets are so visually appealing, your students will appreciate it! Please note that clipart and images are for older students, and are not "babyish" or "cartoonish."


Detailed ANSWER KEYS are included to help you facilitate learning and discussions!


These worksheets cover the following activities and topics related to Personal and Social Boundaries and Personal Space:

☆ Anticipation Guide
☆ Boundaries " True or False?
☆ Personal and Social Boundaries " My Understanding
☆ Boundaries Brainstorming Web
☆ Communicating Boundaries Calmly, Clearly, and Respectfully
☆ Respecting Boundaries
☆ Boundary Setting (Physical, Emotional Conversational, Relationship, Digital)
☆ Setting Boundaries Without Being Defensive
☆ Setting Boundaries with Toxic People
☆ Emotional Control " Respecting Boundaries Despite Anger/Disappointment
☆ Setting Boundaries without Sounding Rude or Hurtful
☆ Respecting People's Boundaries SCENARIOS
☆ Setting Valued-based Boundaries
☆ Actions/Behaviors that Respect Boundaries
☆ What Does Respect Look Like?
☆ How Would You State Your Boundaries (in these scenarios)?
☆ Boundary-related Text Message Conversations
☆ Respecting Social Media Boundaries
☆ Boundaries that Support Beliefs
☆ Barriers and Consequences of Lack of Boundaries
☆ Setting Personal Boundaries to Achieve Success
☆ Setting Boundaries for YOURSELF
☆ Social Inferences " Picture Analysis
☆ Different Ways of Communicating Boundaries
☆ Raising Uncomfortable Issues in Non-confrontational Ways
☆ Social Media Boundaries
☆ Re-evaluating and Setting Digital Boundaries
☆ Romantic Relationship Boundaries
☆ Responding to Boundary-setting Text Messages
☆ Violating Boundaries Scenario
☆ Boundary Reflection Questions

***Lesson plans are not included. These activity worksheets can be used in addition to your own lesson plans and in such a way that best meets the needs of your students.

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ABOUT THIS RESOURCE ☆ 69 pages ☆ Topic: Social Boundaries and Personal Space ☆ Print and Digital (PDF and Google Slides - Text boxes already created!) ☆ Excellent for mature 8th graders - High School Students ☆ Detailed Answer Keys... more
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