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Gear up for the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024, with our Solar Eclipse Middle School Activity Pack!

🌞 This brand new pack is must-have content for this year's special event, and beyond! Engage your students in the wonder of - and science behind - this rare celestial event, visible across much of the United States this year.

πŸŒ‘ Loaded with articles, graphic organizers, games, scaffolded diagrams, and more, our collection is filled with resources and visual supports to deepen students' understanding of these awe-inspiring phenomena.

🌎 While designed with the 2024 total solar eclipse in mind, this pack is not limited to the event itself. It's perfect for supplementing your regular Earth-Sun-Moon units, making it a valuable resource for your classroom year-after-year.

🌞 Designed for middle school classrooms, it's also ideal for homeschooling and adaptable for high school settings.

Take a closer look at what's inside this exciting pack!

βœ”οΈ What's Included:

➞ Learn About Eclipses With the Article & Question Set:

β€’ Start your exploration with an informative article that explains the science and frequency of solar eclipses, including the different types: annular, partial, and total.

β€’ A second article is also included that discusses eclipse safety and typical animal responses to eclipse events.

β€’ Articles are student friendly and use tables, lists, and visuals to support student understanding.

β€’ Assess comprehension with a set of review questions, including multiple choice, true/false, and short response.

➞ Ensure Understanding With a Cloze Activity:

β€’ Challenge students' understanding with our cloze activity, where they'll fill in the missing words from sentences related to solar eclipses.

β€’ Cloze activities are my favorite review tool because they allow students to use context clues and their own understanding to create a summary of concepts.

β€’ A word bank is included for your students, as well as an answer key to save you time!

➞ Explore Interactives and Eclipses Past, Present & Future With an Internet Scavenger Hunt:

β€’ Students draw the path of totality for the April 2024 total solar eclipse and determine the % totality for their region using a provided link to an interactive map.

β€’ Includes prompts to research past and future total solar eclipses, cultural events, myths about solar eclipses, and more!

β€’ Encourages students to cite reputable sources and find relevant video clips and simulators.

➞ Breaking It Down With Graphic Organizers & Diagrams:

β€’ Encourage critical thinking and analysis with our graphic organizers that make the science behind solar eclipses more accessible:

β€’ Students use a triple Venn diagram to compare and contrast the characteristics of annular, partial, and total solar eclipses:

β€’ A bank of terms/phrases is included for them to sort into each category, with some overlapping.

β€’ Each section of the triple Venn diagram shows the number of characteristics that should be listed, supporting students in self-assessment.

β€’ Answer key included!

β€’ Students label and annotate a simple diagram of a solar eclipse, showing the sun, moon, Earth, umbra, and penumbra.

β€’ Scaffolded larger versions of the diagram are also provided:

β€’ Labeled diagram with descriptions - answer key

β€’ Simple labeled diagram - no descriptions

β€’ Unlabeled diagram - students provide labels

β€’ Blank - students create their own diagrams

β€’ Enlarged diagrams work great for a group work warm up!

➞ Fun Vocab Review! Word Search and Crossword:

β€’ Choose from a fun word search or a more challenging crossword puzzle, perfect for reinforcing vocabulary related to solar eclipses.

β€’ Both include word banks and answer keys!

β€’ Quick Tip: If you want to give your students more of a challenge, cover the word banks with sticky notes before making copies.

➞ Comprehensive Glossary:

β€’ Navigate complex terminology with ease using our comprehensive glossary, featuring definitions of key terms related to solar eclipses, such as annular, path of totality, umbra, penumbra, and more.

β€’ All terms are on a single page, can easily be stapled into student notebooks.

β€’ Use as a companion resource to the article and question set, word games, and graphic organizer worksheets.

β˜„οΈ BONUS! Group Work Expectations Poster:

β€’ Reusable poster that reinforces expectations for working in groups.
β€’ Keep a large version posted year-round!
β€’ You will LOVE the convenience of saying ''O' is for…?" and hearing your class remind themselves aloud with 'On task at all times!"
β€’ Also includes a surprise sample from our Solstice & Equinox Activity Pack! ❀️

βœ”οΈ Versatile and Timeless Resource:

β€’ Use this Solar Eclipse Middle School Activity Pack not only for the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse, but also as an investment in your Earth science materials.

β€’ Perfect for supplementing units on Earth's relationship with the sun and moon, this pack aligns with NGSS MS standards on Earth and Space Systems, and can seamlessly integrate into your existing curriculum.

β€’ Tailored with middle schoolers in mind, this resource ensures that every opportunity to make sense of solar eclipses is seized for meaningful and memorable classroom connections.

β€’ Includes lots of options, ideal for any middle or high school classroom or homeschool setting!

β€’ Articles include enough material to make this stand-alone set ideal for use as sub plans and for extended absences.

β€’ Answer keys for everything are included on a separate file (to prevent accidental sharing with students!).

πŸ”† Make the Most of this Special Eclipse Event!

Illuminate your classroom with the Solar Eclipse Middle School Activity Pack!

Explore comprehensive articles, scaffolded diagrams and graphic organizers, fun and no-prep games, and tons of other tools designed to deepen students' understanding and appreciation of these celestial events.

Don't let this stellar opportunity pass you by - invest in your Earth science teacher toolbox today!

Check out the preview video above for an inside look!

Looking for an Eclipse Interactive Slide Deck?


Our interactive slide deck includes background information, simulator and eclipse maps directions and guided prompts, drag-and-drop activities and more!


Copy and paste the URL below into your browser to explore the slide deck AND activity pack bundled at a discount!

Gear up for the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024, with our Solar Eclipse Middle School Activity Pack! 🌞 This brand new pack is must-have content for this year's special event, and beyond! Engage your students in the... more
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