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Standards Based Grade Book in Google Sheets for Third Grade



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Are you looking for a standards based grade book for your classroom that's easy to use and will save you time? This digital gradebook has it all. It's editable, and the look and colors are customizable. Even though it's a paperless gradebook, you can also print out the grade sheets if you prefer that.

This 3rd Grade gradebook in Google Sheets means you can work on your grades anywhere, anytime, without worry.

☝Watch the animated preview!☝

You'll see all the features in this standards based grading system. When you incorporate effective grading practices like this one, you'll be able to stay on top of your record keeping.

***All instructions are included on the first page to get you set up for the school year.***

►Enter Student Names Once

You'll enter your student roster on one page and all the pages in the workbook will update. Need to make changes? No problem. Do it once on the same page, and the entire gradebook will update.

►Common Core Standards Are Embedded in Drop Down Menus
All the standards are already in the gradebook. All you have to do is choose your standard from a drop-down list for each assignment. Each grade book page is for one of the anchor standard in Math, ELA, and NGSS, Next Generation Science Standards.

►Calculates Percentages and Points

This gradebook calculates straight points and percentages for you. It does not do weighted averages.

►Printable Student Progress Report

When you're ready, you can run a Student Progress Report with a click of your mouse. You can choose to include any or all of your subjects. A grade scale is included with three different formats. You can also customize it to fit your school.

►Track Forms and Other Data

You get a forms page for tracking forms, homework, and ungraded work. It uses checkboxes. If you prefer to add points, you can just delete the checkboxes.

►Easy to Add Terms and Subjects

Do you need to add another subject such as music or art, or P.E. or social studies? Instructions are included to show you how to duplicate a sheet. All you need to do is rename it and add your standard. To add a new term, simply duplicate the sheet and add the term to it.

►Lifetime Updates

This purchase gives you access to lifetime base product updates. Stay on top of standards based grading even if the standards change. Just come back here and download the updated gradebook.

Standards based grading can be a breeze when you use a digital gradebook. You can customize your teacher gradebook to fit your school, your class, and your style. This product is for public school, private school, and homeschool teachers.

☀️Not sure if this is for you? Read my blog post, The Best Things About Standards Based Grading with a Digital Gradebook at https://teacherwriter.co/standards-based-grading-digital-gradebook

Coming soon: Gradebooks in Google Sheets for all grades K-8
Are you looking for a standards based grade book for your classroom that's easy to use and will... read more

Standards Based Grade Book in Google Sheets for Third Grade