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Thank You Teacher Appreciation Fabric Font Black Cap Apple Green Frame For 2x3

Thank You Teacher Appreciation Fabric Font Black Cap Apple Green Frame For 2x3"



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Thank You Teacher Appreciation Fabric Font Black Cap Apple Green Frame For 2x3"

Table / Tabletop Picture Frame For 2x3 Inch Photo

Give as a gift to the special teacher in your life! Or use as party favors, or place card holders, or hanging ornament, for retirement parties or holiday parties, or Teacher Appreciation Week gifts!

How is that for teacher appreciation!

This is a unique printable craft to make, in that its a frame, that can also be used as an alternative to a greeting card or invite! The fabric font word art and designs are placed at the top & bottom of the frame, in a chalk like white fabric font, letters shaped from lengths of fabric, used for the business logo of Fabricated Frames at http://fabricatedframes.com, Kristie's business website. The word is placed over a chalkboard looking color frame front, in fact, all 6 panel parts in the pattern printable are a chalkboard looking color.

Download, print, and make this picture frame for a student who you like!

Letter size pdf

Instructions are here in the description, as well as on the the panel flaps, or seam allowances, if you choose to print this sheet onto washable, colorfast, inkjet printer fabric, for a washable, sew, or no sew, frame project! You can print this onto paper, card stock and coat with Modge Podge to cover the paper, so that the ink won't run.

letter size sheet of paper card stock - can print onto washable inkjet fabric, or printable vinyl
ribbon 1/8" or 3mm wide by 2 feet or 2/3 meter long
ribbon 3/8" up to 1" wide by 9" or 23cm long
hot glue sticks and low temp glue gun - can use Cool Tech super low temp glue gun, which is 75 degrees cooler than the average low temp glue gun, great for kids to use, with adult supervision
acid free, clear, sheet protector page, cut to size of 2x3" photo - 1 page yields 10 protective photo sleeves, in lieu of glass, sold in packs of 50 pages at Walgreens, Walmart, or Target for between $4-$6
paper trimmer
hole puncher with 2" reach
Modge Podge decoupage coating, use brush, and paint over print side, before cutting 6 panels out - cover your work surface with plastic wrap so surface doesn't get glue all over it

Cut out 6 panels,
Cut away corners, inner and outer, along lines
Fold flaps or seam allowances under
Hole punch circle holes
Thread ribbon through holes on panel 2 & 3 (top left & middle panels) to make photo pocket- thread through in both directions
Knot ribbon on both sides and glue down on both sides, trim excess ribbon
Assemble and glue panels together - top right over top middle, bottom right over top left, print side facing out

Strut leg:
After cutting strut leg panels out, fold outer flaps under, cut out piece of sheet protector page to size of strut leg's inner line, trim slightly smaller
Separate top & bottom parts of each strut leg, by cutting between the lines provided, and folding the remaining flaps under
Take back strut leg, and place sheet protector strut leg into the flaps folded down on the bottom half piece, glue flaps down, then place under flaps on top half and glue down
Glue down flaps on front strut leg panel
Add top front strut leg panel part over sheet protector strut leg panel facing up / back strut leg print side facing down, and glue down, covering it
Place ribbon that allows the frame's leg to pitch out connecting the strut leg to the easel back, and glue between the back and front strut leg inside along vertical side of strut legs, and glue front bottom strut leg over on top - make sure ribbon front side, if shiny single face satin, is facing out, against and under front strut leg, leaving ribbon tail dangling from bottom corner
For frame to stand with strut leg, and finish frame:

Attach top part of strut leg to easel back panel, aligning the bottom right corners, before gluing down top part of strut leg panels
Push the dangling ribbon tail in front of standing frame, with ribbon tail under bottom of frame, and in front of frame
Mark where frame stands on its own, by placing a pin where ribbon meets bottom back corner, to mark where strut leg pitches out for it to stand well
Cut excess ribbon, leaving enough to tuck into little pocket on bottom right corner of frame, between the easel back panel 4 & panel 3 under it.
Thank you all so much! And, THANK YOU to all of the teachers out there! My mother is a retired teacher's aide, and I come from a family of teachers, teacher's aides, and school board members, so I know the value of educators!

Tabletop / Wall hanging 3x4" picture frame structure, pattern, printable, & download are copyright protected by Kristie Hubler. All Rights Reserved. Not for resale. For personal use only. If interested in licensing or reselling the finished frame(s), please contact me at [email protected] to purchase a royalty license.

Recommended for ages 8 and up, with adult supervision, if making frames as a kids craft.

Fabric Font available to buy and install on your device to use on apps or programs that allow for you to change the font style at https://classful.com/product/fabric-font-download-110-characters-letters-numbers-for-typing-with-otf-digital-files-and-svg-clip-art-bundle/


Kristie Hubler


[email protected]
Thank You Teacher Appreciation Fabric Font Black Cap Apple Green Frame For 2x3" Table / Tabletop Picture Frame... read more

Thank You Teacher Appreciation Fabric Font Black Cap Apple Green Frame For 2x3"