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Inquisitive young students love creative and engaging environments.

Introducing an imaginative, safe, and colorful reading corner to your classroom will accelerate learning, encourage questions and facilitate positive feelings toward books. Our themed ideas will help you create exciting displays, cozy spaces, and whimsical corners that will foster a love of literature from the early days. From fairytale forests to global hideouts, our mini libraries are all marvelous spaces for little hands and curious minds.

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Math Word Search

Math Word Search

Thanksgiving Activities| Word Searches| Crosswords| Writing

Thanksgiving Activities| Word Searches| Crosswords| Writing

Based on the book,

Based on the book, "WORRY SAYS WHAT?" SEL Social emotional Learning Lesson teaching Anxiety Management, Belly Breathing, & Self-talk w 6 Videos + Several Additional Resources

The Outsiders Interactive Study Guide

The Outsiders Interactive Study Guide

Nursery Rhyme Theme Preschool Curriculum Printable | Homeschool Lesson Plan Printable | For Preschool Teachers, Homeschooling & Stay-At-Home Moms

Nursery Rhyme Theme Preschool Curriculum Printable | Homeschool Lesson Plan Printable | For Preschool Teachers, Homeschooling & Stay-At-Home Moms

Decodable Reading Passages Initial S Blends- Orton Gillingham based

Decodable Reading Passages Initial S Blends- Orton Gillingham based

Moon Phases Lab

Moon Phases Lab

Virus, Reading Passage

Virus, Reading Passage


Reading corner essentials

  • Stacks of books
  • Soft pillows, cushions, and beanbags
  • Inviting lighting
  • Canopies, tents, or tipis
  • Fairy lights
  • Colorful rugs
  • Book baskets, crates, buckets, or shelves
  • Stuffed animals, crafts, and decals
  • Creative ideas for literature-loving reading corners

Author of the Month

Spark their curiosity with a reading corner dedicated to Author of the Month. A budget-friendly idea that’s easy to implement, all you need is a large wall board featuring a photo and bio of your chosen author – think Peter Brown one month, Alyssa Satin Capucilli the next. Pin or peg the top three books of that month onto the board and throw down bean bags and blankets to complete your cozy nook.

Forest camping

An adventure-filled camp-out in the classroom is sure to inspire a love of reading. Set up a magical tipi or a pop-up tent, and suggest that your class decorate the corner with tissue paper leaves. Create a wild forest feel by laying down fluffy green rugs and adding tree decals to the walls. Want to up those enchanting hideaway vibes? Capture the magic of outdoor adventure by turning down the lights and reading your books by torch instead.

Blast into outer space

Make reading a blast with a space-themed corner and transport your class to a gleaming galaxy beyond. Try painting walls in midnight blue, adding twinkling stick-on stars, and bringing in an out-of-this-world moon-shaped light. The kids can make giant paper rockets and styrofoam solar systems while you fill your shelves with books such as Toys in Space by Mini Grey and Rylee The Young Rocketeer by JoAnn M. Dickinson.

Voting station

Only have a little corner in your classroom to devote to a reading nook? By choosing a voting station theme, you can encourage children to learn the importance of having a voice. Display two books for each day and place an empty jar in front of each. Fill another jar with mini LEGOs letting students cast their vote by putting their mini LEGO into the jar representing the book of their choice.

Take a trip around the world

A global reading corner is a fantastic way to introduce a vibrant lineup of multicultural books to the classroom. Pin up a giant world map, set up an interactive spinning globe, and get your class to paint flags for all the different countries. Celebrate festivals such as Diwali, Holi, and Chinese New Year, connect with classrooms worldwide and share global-inspired books such as Danbi Leads The School Parade by Anna Kim and Lubnar and Pebble by Wendy Meddour.

A room for all seasons

Match your reading corner to each season and re-energize your story time space every three months.

Spring in bloom

Create a spring garden reading corner with a white-painted trellis and hanging faux flower garlands. Paint hard-boiled eggs in bright spring colors and line them across the bookshelves. Add pastel-colored floor cushions and a tissue paper tree to complete your springtime corner.

Summer vacation

Set the scene for relaxed summer vibes with a vacation reading corner. Fill an inflatable paddling pool with cushions, bring in deck chairs, and lay down summery straw mats. Paint posters of palm trees and undersea creatures, or opt for oversized wall stickers of tropical leaves.

Fall pumpkin patch

Turn your reading corner into Fall’s warm embrace with all the inviting textures and colors of autumn. Think orange tissue paper leaves, fluffy cinnamon-colored rugs, and pumpkins brought in from home. Write the names of books on lollipop sticks and fill painted green jars with the sticks. Choose a librarian each day to pick out a stick and to have their chosen book read.

Winter Wonderland

Let a snowstorm blow into your classroom reading corner with white faux fur rugs, pine cone crafts, and DIY paper towel snowmen. Winter tree fingerprint collages, white spray-painted pasta snowflakes, fairy light garlands, and milk crates covered in snowy cotton balls will add to the Arctic look. Match your literature to the snowy scene with books such as The Real Santa by Nancy Reed and Ten Ways To Hear Snow by Cathy Camper.

Reading with bears

Fill a reading corner with stuffed animal ’listening bears’ and establish a nurturing environment that offers emotional and academic support. With a bear as a buddy, kids can practice their oral skills in front of a friendly face and a great listener. A few cuddly stuffed bears scattered around your reading corner encourage children to read without any feelings of intimidation.

A dedicated story time space develops literacy skills and boosts oral confidence. An exclusive reading corner also allows students to discover new authors and favorite genres. Adventurous themes, whimsical hideouts, and colorful nooks spark children’s imaginations, maximize their potential, and motivate them to read more.