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Are you looking for creative ways to raise funds for your classroom or religious school? If so, Classful is happy to help.

Unlike public schools, religious schools don’t receive public funding, making religious school fundraising an ongoing effort for students and staff. Unfortunately, this can present a huge challenge, especially if you need to raise a significant amount.

Luckily for you, with Classful fundraising, you can receive donations from your supporters to raise any amount, depending on your fundraising goal. You must create an account by signing up and watching donations flourish as donors make their contributions. You can chat with your supporters via messaging and update them through social and email.

To get more funding, share your profile with your friends, family, and local community, allowing them to find you quickly and donate.

Alternatively, you can let your school raise funds on your behalf. Find your religious school on Classful and claim if you have your school’s permission. The beauty of using Classful to fundraise is that you receive all your funding as we don’t charge any commission fee. Additionally, you can choose what you need and receive your funds immediately.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today and get the funds you deserve.

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12 Religious fundraising ideas and tips

Now that you know how to benefit from Classful fundraising let’s look at 12 religious fundraising ideas and tips.

1. Fundraising letters

Fundraising letters are an excellent option for faith-based schools because they can raise significant donations. When creating your fundraising letters, include the individual names of the recipients to make your prospects feel valued.

Also, tell a story to tap into the emotions of your potential donors, encouraging them to offer more. For instance, you can speak about how your religious school has helped students thrive in and out of class. Lastly, provide information about previous donations or gifts’ impact on students to give supporters some insight into how you use funds.

2. Alumni letters

Nothing beats the efficiency and simplicity of alumni letters. Since former parents, students, and teachers have first-hand experience with the value religious schools offer, they’re more willing to donate, helping you raise money.

However, for alumni letters to be successful, you need to build healthy and long-lasting relationships with former students. Additionally, keep in touch with them regularly by creating a blog or email list where you share information resources.

With alumni fundraising, it’s wise to ask for smaller donations, especially among young alumni, as they have less disposable income.

3. Gala auctions

Consider hosting a gala event if you want to raise large amounts quickly. They not only attract many supporters but also allow you to demonstrate the value your religious school delivers. You can host the event at your school or partner with a local business to gift you a venue.

Gala auctions require significant planning, so prepare well in advance by assembling an event planning committee to send out invites and map out the details. To raise money, auction off items, sell entrance tickets, or ask attendants to donate. However, ensure your guest list shares your school’s mission and values to increase ROI.

4. Themed dinner event

Food-based fundraisers can raise a lot of money for your religious school as they easily attract potential donors. Plan a dinner event with food and drinks and encourage school parents to get involved in catering. This way, you can keep your expenses low and host participants willing to donate to fund their children’s education.

5. Faith-based scratch cards

Scratch card fundraisers are a fun, easy, and highly profitable fundraising activity. A donor scratches off a card and donates the amount revealed in exchange for a coupon. Since there are no large products to handle or store and no inventory required, they’re easy to plan and guarantee 100% profit as the money raised can cover the costs of the entire fundraiser.

6. Student fundraising

Get your religious students involved in your fundraiser by creating products they can sell to their parents and the local community. For instance, they can bake cookies and sell them door-to-door or sell popcorn at school events.

Alternatively, they can pledge to complete tasks in the community, such as raking lawns, in exchange for donations. This way, they can engage in communal activities while raising money for a good cause.

7. Grants

Most religious schools don’t consider grants when raising money because trusts and foundations aren’t keen to fund core costs for running such schools. However, if you need money for specific projects, some organizations can approve grants to support the running costs. As a result, you can reduce the overall expenses required to complete the project.

To receive a grant, research organizations that offer funds to religious schools and apply.

8. Photography exhibitions

Tap into the talents and abilities of your students by organizing a photography exhibition to raise funds. Ask students to take faith-based photos and exhibit them, charging parents and faculty members a small entry fee to view. You can also sell the student artwork to the highest bidder to raise more money.

9. Matching funds

Did you know numerous faith-based organizations provide matching funds to religious schools? Generally, these donors match funds for team-sponsored fundraisers that support religious education.

To receive a matching grant, follow these steps:

  1. Plan an event that positively impacts the community. This can be a bake sale, bingo night, or a silent auction.
  2. Submit all event details and copies of publicity to a matching grant program.
  3. Receive matching funds after approval.

The amount of matching funds you receive varies depending on your chosen program. For instance, some organizations match 50 cents for every dollar raised, while others match more.

10. Community yard sale

Get creative with your fundraising action by organizing a community yard sale, which allows people to dispose of items they never use instead of throwing them away. Ensure parents and community members know about the yard sale so they can sort through their belongings to find items for sale. To make the yard sale more fun, sell items to the highest bidder to create some form of competition.

11. Chili cook-off

Raising funds as a community is a sure way to receive significant donations, as the locals fully understand your school’s values and mission. Therefore, get community members involved by hosting a chili cook-off. Here, participants pay a small fee to cook up their best chili dish for a chance to win a prize.

Attendees can also donate to vote for the winners, raising more money for your religious school fundraiser.

12. Youth for hire

Youth for hire is a popular fundraising action for religious schools as it prepares and empowers young people to take responsibility at a young age. Let locals hire youth for odd jobs around the house or in the community.

This can be anything from collecting waste at a public park or washing cars to mowing the lawn or doing simple house chores for an older person. You can then use the proceeds to fund your goal.

Do you want to raise funds for your religious school today? If So, sign up on Classful and start receiving funds immediately.