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Rewards for good grades in school can be for all children, and knowing the best way to compensate them can be all part of the fun.

These tips can help you find the best way to reward your star student in ways they’ll love every time. Glowing report cards, excellent essays, and perfect projects deserve a reward. When your child has worked hard and gained success, as a result, it’s more than worth taking the time to celebrate – giving them a pat on the back and letting them know how proud of them you are.

Can’t you think of the best way to reward your star student for their excellent grades? The options below might give you a bright idea of how best to celebrate their success. Praise isn’t just about a high five, congratulations, or a big hug – it’s about showing your child that their excellent work was worthwhile beyond the grades themselves.

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Offer rewards for good grades in school

There are many ways. As parents, we can praise our children – especially regarding their performance at school. Whether it’s putting their report card in pride of place on the refrigerator, creating the perfect personalized certificate, or posting your praise on social media, there are thousands of ways to show your pride.

For those looking to go the extra mile and provide physical rewards for a well-done job, read on to get some great ideas for turning one good deed into another.

Look for free rewards

For students, the choice of rewards can be endless. Many companies offer a range of different benefits to help you reward your star student, whether it’s a free night out at the movies or a free dessert at their favorite destination for dinner.

What would you like for dinner?

Have a ‘special occasion’ dinner normally reserved for birthdays or big events? Now might be the perfect time to serve it up. No meal is the wrong choice for this reward, whether it’s spaghetti or burgers, shakes or pizza.

Make a cake

Go classic with something delicious and homemade for your child to show them how pleased you are. Use your creativity to transform a box cake with a visual representation of their stellar report card, or even cut your cake of choice into the shape of that all-important ‘A.’ There are many different options to celebrate with.

Board games

Some quality family time can be a reward all of its own. Sit down together and play a board game of your child’s choice to celebrate their schooling win with a family victory. Whatever their choice of a board game, it’s a win-win.

Go on a trip, even for a day

Who doesn’t love a day out on the town or a trip to their favorite theme park? Use the opportunity to take your child on a rewarding experience, whether they love the zoo, can’t wait to visit the museum, or enjoy spending time with friends at the water park.

Movie time!

What’s better than a movie to brighten your evening? Whether you go all-out with the best seats in the movie theater or a simple family movie night on the couch, let your child pick the movie and enjoy your specifically-purchased snacks.

What child doesn’t like pizza?

If there’s one thing that represents celebration, it’s a traditional pizza party. Go out to a local diner and enjoy the arcades, or order in for a quieter night. Whatever their choice, there’s always going to be delicious food involved.


For households with strict bedtimes of screen-free hours, offering your overachieving child a little more time doing what they enjoy can be the perfect reward. Whether it’s an extra hour on their favorite console or a later curfew, they’ll love that touch of freedom – and good grades can give them a little more.

Barnes N Noble, here we come!

Unsure about offering an incentive for good grades? Go for something a little more understated by heading to the bookstore. Choose something educational that you can read together, or let them choose a book to enjoy.

Go out for ice cream

There’s nothing quite as fun as an evening out to the ice cream store – what child doesn’t like a sweet treat, after all? Make a special trip to pick out their favorite flavor, or make your own at home. It’s up to you which you choose.

Friends night

Is your child on the social side? Offer to host a sleepover with a couple of friends as a reward for all their good work. More A’s means more guests. So there’s even more incentive to keep up those excellent grades if they want to have the slumber party of a lifetime.

Open a savings account

The traditional choice for A-students, handing over cash, isn’t always the right fit in every situation – but it can be a reward in and of itself if you put a twist on the whole thing. Instead of handing over those bank notes, opt to open a savings account in your child’s name – allowing them to use it as they wish once they’ve built up a certain number of A-grade rewards over time.

Out and about in the evening

Make your child feel even more grown-up by allowing them to plan their night out on the town. Whether it’s visiting the local diner, going bowling, or even traveling further afield, they can bring one parent along for the ride.

Toy store rewards

For younger children, a trip to the local toy store is the perfect way to reward good grades – while for older children, picking up a copy of the latest video game on their wish list might be the ideal way to let them know how proud you are.


Has your child maintained good grades throughout the year? Then it’s the perfect time to cap off their excellent record with a fantastic party. The ideal way to say hello to summer is with a group of their favorite family members or best friends.

Rewards for good grades in school summary

Offering rewards for students is a vital part of their learning process – whether it’s a physical reward or a pat on the back, teachers and parents should show their star students just how great their accomplishment is. At Classful, we help teachers get the funding to reward those students in the ways they deserve. See more about what we do online today.