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3 ways to breathe life into your profile

If you’re struggling to gain momentum on your Classful profile, you’re not alone. The majority of teachers will experience at least some slow weeks over their Classful lifetime; which can be especially frustrating when you’re inching closer and closer to your goal.

So if you’ve found yourself hitting a plateau with donations for days, weeks or months, and you’re not sure how to get that snowball rolling again, the following are some tips which might be for you!

Get personal

If you needs include something that will genuinely be of benefit, then the personal connection is absolutely something you should be focusing on. Utilizing personal messages and relationships can be a great way to get the ball rolling again with your profile, bringing those new donations to your doorstep.

Posting your profile on social media may sound difficult, but in fact, it’s incredibly easy, because many potential donors may just need that extra bit of insight to encourage them to donate. Outreach is one of the most valuable tools at your disposal, so be sure to use it.

Look at each building block

While it’s wonderful to experience the level of support someone has given when they make a sizeable donation, the reality is that many profiles are made up of many small contributions, each counting as a building block towards the total. Just focusing on the ‘big picture’ funding can easily make your goal feel like it has little impact, but celebrating each small victory is just as important.

A small donation of $5 or $10 is still a significant contribution, and pushing for numbers of donations rather than amounts can be a great way to show your happiness about every donation, that’s why we provide a goal by the number of donations and not the amount. Consider that those who make small contributions may then advertise their contribution themselves, further pushing out your needs and encouraging more and more people to help fund you.

Go beyond your inner circle

Stuck talking about your Classful account to the same group of people? Then it’s likely you need to extend that reach to capture new donations and gain more traffic. Think about the other people in your life beyond your immediate circle, such as friends of friends, local businesses or even just someone you know to say ‘hi’ to in the morning at the coffee shop.


Don’t be afraid to talk to people outside your immediate friendship or family group about your funding needs. Once most people are aware of your Classful profile, even if they choose not to donate at that time they can spread the word to even more people in their circle. Stepping outside your bubble can do a lot more for your goal than you might think.