4 ways to share without social media

There are multiple ways to share your Classful profile, so while social media is a great way to reach a large audience, it is not the only option. Below are a few ways to share your profile without using social media.

Let people know why you need funding. What supplies do you need? Are you going on a field trip? Would you like to increase learning by teaching a specific project?

1. In person

Sharing your profile face-to-face is the ultimate personal approach and one of the best ways to communicate your story. Explaining your goals and needs in person allows you to instantly answer any questions potential donors may have and express your passion for teaching.

Practice sharing your story out loud and on a family member to increase your confidence about what you are going to say before speaking to someone.

2. Email

Sharing your Classful profile through email is an effective way of reaching a select audience. To avoid your email being ignored and appearing as a mass-sent email, personalize your message to each recipient.

If you are sharing your campaign via email with individuals who you are not extremely familiar with and are unsure how to personalize your message, try including the last time you saw them as this will remind the receiver of who you are and what connection you have.

3. Over the phone

In a digital world, it is easy to forget how effective a phone call can be. Reaching out to people over the phone is a great way to express your emotion as you can personalize your needs to an individual.

Text messaging

Text messages are a great way to reach a large number of people without being too time-consuming to send. First, create a template text message that you will send to all your contacts and ensure you include a link to your Classful profile and the main objectives of your goal. Once you have completed a general template, try and personalize each message for individual contacts in your phone. This will ensure you create a personal connection with the recipient and will stop them from glazing over a text that doesn’t instantly appear to relate to them.

4. Create a social event

Gathering friends and family members at a social event can be a fun way to share your fundraising goals and target multiple potential donors at once. The event does not have to be elaborate, simply inviting people to your house for a BBQ or coffee morning will be enough enticement for them to come and listen to your story.

Remember, no matter how you choose to share your profile it is important that you communicate all the important details of your fundraising goals and needs.

For example, each individual you share your campaign with should be aware of:

Reasons for your goal: It should be clear to an individual after communicating with you exactly who/what is the focus of your goal and what will be the benefit or positive outcome.

What specifics you hope to achieve: To ensure an donors feel comfortable donating to your campaign they should feel clear about how donations will be spent, try to be as specific with financial details as possible.

How a person can donate/share your campaign: Ensure a potential Funder is aware of the next steps they can take, whether this is a link to your donations page or information about how they can share the page with others.

No matter how you choose to share your goals, clear and honest communication is always best and will result in the most effective way of receiving long-term funding. Always share your campaign in a way you feel comfortable and don’t be afraid to let your emotions become apparent whilst you are sharing your campaign with others, it is your passion that will inspire them to donate or share your campaign.