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Are there any deadlines or penalties if I don’t reach my goal?

No, there are no deadlines or penalties, however, each profile’s goal amount will be set back to zero at the end of each school year, for all teachers.

When a goal is reached does funding stop?

There’s absolutely no punishment if your goal is not reached. No, funding does not stop when a goal is reached. When a goal is reached the progress bar will be filled completely, however, goals will show as 105%, 110%, 115%, and so forth and so on.

You can run your profile in your own way, on your own time. You are required to set a goal amount (number of donations you would like to receive), however, there is no penalty for not reaching your goal. Keep in my that all funds will be available for withdrawal every night at midnight PST. Also, all goals can be changed throughout the school year.

If you exceed your goal, update your funders and followers and thank them.

Setting the right goal

It is very helpful to set the right goal for your Classful profile if you would like to receive the most out of our yearly campaign. Having the correct target goal is a great way to energize funders and convey a sense of urgency for your cause.

Your target goal will make it easy for your audience to keep track of your progress throughout the school year, and will allow potential donors to see how close you are to achieving your goal.

Is there a time limit?

There’s also no time limit on your Classful account – you can keep your profile public as long as you would like.

Keeping your your profile public and updating your funders and audience is a great way to show supporters how you have used and are using the funds.