Boost funder engagement with these 17 sharing tips

To reach your goal it will require your time and effort, but with the tips below it shouldn’t be difficult.

Whether you’re raising funds for school supplies, field trips, projects or anything else while looking for creative ways to motivate and equip your followers, friends, parents, family and businesses (local and national) to raise money for your class, the following 20 tips will give you exactly what you need. Remember, the success of your teacher profile fundraiser depends entirely on how effectively you share it and how hard we work to bring new businesses and parents to you.

So, what can you do to receive your fundraising goal?

Raise funds with the following fundraiser sharing tips:

1. Share your fundraiser on LinkedIn

According to Pew Research, 38 percent of American adults without yearly household incomes of over $75,000 use LinkedIn on a regular basis. This makes LinkedIn one of the most effective platforms for building lasting relationships with prospective donors: from lead generation to donor cultivation.

2. Get in touch with local media

Reach out to local blogs and news channels and ask them to help you reach your community with your message. However, before you reach out consider your fundraising needs and make a list of people or organizations you want to contact.

3. Take your message to Instagram

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your Instagram account is definitely a storytelling goldmine. Since 2010, this social networking site has been one of the fastest growing platforms for social interactions. Build your audience by tagging your friends to your fundraiser’s hashtag, photos, link, and title on Instagram.

4. Tag us on social media

We’re always on social media and love it when teachers reach out to us. We can’t promise we’ll always share or retweet what you post but we do promise to consider every shout-out.

5. Create a sense of urgency

Try to encourage donors to honor their donation by a certain date. You can do this creating an incentive that encourages them to make their donations sooner than later. For instance, if you are fundraising for a field trip, you can create an urgency post that reads something like this, “ Donate $10 by March 10th to help our students visit the Los Angeles Museum of Art.”

6. Create a hashtag for your fundraiser

Sharing your teacher fundraiser profile on social media can be beneficial in many ways. Besides reaching out to more people and receiving more donations, creating a hashtag will certainly bring your crowdfunding efforts to life. By creating a unique and inspiring hashtag, social media users will easily follow your story and find a reason to donate to you and your class when it resonates with them.

7. Create an event on Facebook

Simply put, pretty much everyone is on Facebook! According to Pew Research, more than 1.5 billion people around the world and over 70 percent of American adults are on Facebook. A dedicated Facebook event to post your profile fundraiser’s logistics, story, and updates are crucial in today’s ever-connected social media landscape. So invite your Facebook friends to “like” your posts, photos, videos, and other relevant information, including your profile link in the event description.

8. Hook up with the local event

Get in touch with the organizers of a local event and try to persuade them to promote your cause and fundraiser along with their event. Try talking them into letting you set up a free or cheap booth during the event period or ask them if they have a bulletin board to leave fliers for your fundraiser.

10. Take your message to Pinterest

If you haven’t heard, Pinterest is one of the major social networking sites. It allows you to “pin” your message and organize it into a themed image board. The more you pin your message, the more clicks it will attract, and the more funds you will raise.

11. Hook up with local businesses

Get in touch with local businesses and see if they will honor your cause with a fundraising night where they get to donate a percentage of the proceeds to your fundraiser. Or ask the local coffee shop to name an item after your fundraiser. Remember to thank your business in your fundraiser story.

12. Take it to Snapchat

Share a screenshot of your fundraiser page to your friends via Snapchat.

13. Consider hosting a community get-together

This is an excellent opportunity to share more information about your cause.

14. Make stickers or magnets

Everybody loves a sticker or magnet. They are low cost, and yes, they stick too. Just remember to include essential information like your fundraiser link and hashtag on your sticker or magnet.

15. Post updates periodically

You can creatively post photos of your donors having good times with their rewards, or create short videos of your donors making their donations. However, always be sure to be creative and to thank everyone who donates (unless they give anonymously!).

16. Good old business cards

This is yet another budget-friendly, yet fun way to reach out to family and friends with your message. Include beautiful photos and inspiring words that resonate with your cause. Be sure to add your hashtag, fundraiser link, and title.

17. Create a video

Create a brief video that talks about yourself, your class, students, and life as an educator for which you are raising funds and why the funds will enhance your students education.


These practical tips can help you receive funding like a pro and without breaking a sweat. Try them out and make funding your teacher profile as hassle-free and fun as possible. Good luck!