Clever ways to share your profile

If done right, crowdfunding can be a great way to mobilize funds and prime the market for your teaching needs. However, running a Classful profile requires effort and dedication. The nobility of your cause notwithstanding, it is important to understand that the success of your yearly campaign depends, to a great extent, on how effectively you share it.

Keep in mind that we’re working diligently to bring donors to you, to make the payment flow easy and accessible and to help share your teaching story. Here are some clever and sure-fire ways to share your Classful profile to raise the funds you need!

1. Reach out to local media

While sharing your campaign on social media is crucial for your funds goal, consider reaching out to the local blogs, writers, media venues (large and small) and news organizations to let them know how your Classful fundraising goals would improve your teaching career and enhance education for your students.

2. Make a video

Videos are one of the most effective tools you can use to connect with potential funders, create awareness about your cause, and boost funding for all your needs. A thoughtfully created video will go a long way in making your funds drive to stand out.

So go ahead and create a video that will touch hearts with your story in ways that text or images cannot. Remember to be personal, honest, and specific. When funders give they give because they’re investing into you!

3. Ask colleagues, friends, and family to help spread the word

Consider asking colleagues, friends or family members to be your Classful agent . These agents will share your profile link with their friends and networks and actively look for ways to publicize your cause and attract funders.

It is important that these agents are as passionate about your goal and needs as much as you are. Sharing your needs with your Classful agents can help bring light to the specifics of your goal.

4. Kickoff an email string

Send an email to your contacts while asking recipients to forward it to their contacts. You’ll be surprised at how efficient this strategy is. Don’t forget to explain your needs and goal, share your story, and express how thankful you are for all of the support!

5. Tag Facebook friends when posting

Increasing your Classful profile reach by tagging friends on Facebook while sharing your profile link. This strategy works on all social media networks which allow tagging or the like. Sharing brings the most success, however, be sure to share when you have updates or weekly, bi-weekly, etc.

6. Connect with local event organizers or members

Reach out to local event organizers and members and see if they may be interested in promoting your campaign alongside their event.

You can assist with their needs while they assist with your needs. This can be in the form of a free booth or distributing your campaign flyers at the entrance.

7. Post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is designed for professional networking. Rather than reading about what the people in your network ate for lunch, you will be reading posts from professionals. Therefore, ensure that your LinkedIn’s posts are as creative and professional as possible and remember, professional networks can be larger at scale.

8. Share on Instagram

One of the best strategies for posting your Classful profile on Instagram is to post your profile link (in the comments), share a hashtag, and an image of your profile. The more you enhance your post on Instagram the more likely you’ll receive the response you’re looking for.

10. Leverage previous donors

Previous donors are most likely to give more than once and friends of donors are likely to give to support their friend – friends of friends give too!

11. Reach out beyond your community

An excellent way of reaching out to people you do not know is to leverage your city’s social networking page or to reach out to your local community networks. They may be willing to support your campaign through donations or by sharing your link with their networks. Whatever the case, they may just help spread the word!

12. Create marketing materials

Focus on low-budget, yet fun items that you can design with your Classful’s profile message and use it for raising funds for your goal. All you need to do is include beautiful photos of your class or mascot or quotes that are relevant. Also, be sure to include your link, title, and hashtag into the different materials.

13. Find influencers

Consider tweeting at a local influencer in the field of education or who incluence based on education. You can even tweet at a celebrity who has a large following. Request them to share your message and link with their followers. Of course, be sure to let them know how your Classful campaign is going to benefit their followers or your students.

14. Create a unique hashtag

This is a way to build a social media buzz around your needs. A hashtag is an excellent tool for driving conversations about your campaign. One of the best things about a hashtag is that it is completely free! The more you generate a conversation about your hashtag, the greater the audience it will attract, and the more likely you will raise funds. All you have to do is come up with one that ignites interest.

So, take your time and create a hashtag that represents your mission as an educator while including your needs.

15. Start a Facebook event

Posting inspiring content on Facebook is great, but this will not help you raise funds if no one sees it. So start an event and invite your Facebook friends and followers to it. This will serve as a central gathering place for your followers to follow your conversations, share ideas, and meet new people, all the while donating to your Classful profile. After all, we’re on a mission to create a community of educators and funders who believe in transforming education!

Be sure to include your Classful link to your event’s page.

16. Post updates monthly

Start by doing shout-outs, thanking each of your funders in person. This is a great way to make them feel appreciated and to show you genuinely care. You can even show appreciation by creating a lesson plan on showing thanks (but for donors)!


The key to raising funds with Classful is creativity, dedication, perseverance and patience. Remember, the more buzz you can create around your profile, the more funds you will likely raise.