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How do I share my profile?

Classful is here for you and we’re out spreading the word, but we cannot guarantee all teachers will reach their goal each year.

Classful is an effective tool for your teaching needs, your success with it entirely depends on how much time you are willing to invest to bring your goal and needs to the attention of the people in your networks.

That said, here are a few sharing strategies that can help maintain the momentum of your profile.

First steps

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Well, he was right. After signing up and filling in your Classful profile, you need to shift gears and figure out how to share it with your contacts.

1. Go online

Ask your social media friends to spread the word about your profile and share your goal and needs.

2. Gather your contacts

Check out your email and phone contacts. Are you connected with them on social media? If so, consider inviting them to view your profile. If not, try to link up and introduce your needs with them.

3. Contact Networking

Reach out to businesses local or national via phone, email, mail, or directly through social media. Don’t forget about family, friends, or friends of friends.

4. Continuously add profile updates

It is important that you update your profile. This includes updating your profile picture, making new contacts, posting relevant current activities and joining or following new donors or other teachers.

Once you have updated your account, be sure to add your Classful profile link to each of your social media profiles and write a new post describing the details of your goal and needs with your audience.

5. Influencers

Mobilize as many people as possible who are passionate about your needs and are willing to promote your profile on your behalf. They can do this both online and offline as long as they get the word out there about your profile and needs! Remember, every additional person that promotes your fundraising profile increases your sharing network by 100%! So, be sure to recruit people to help.

6. Deadlines

Provide deadlines for your different needs when possible. Let’s say a field trip is coming up in a month, be sure to mention the date. When funding is needed by a certain date donors will feel a sense of importance regarding if they fund or not.

Thus, adding a deadline or end date to specific school needs will certainly encourage more donors to come on board sooner rather than later.

Throughout the school year

1. Update all followers and funders

You can best engage your funders to build trust and encourage them to donate to your cause by providing regular updates on your profile. Sharing your progress with your community allows them to develop an interest in your goals and needs of being a teacher, provide funding, and share it with their networks.

A compelling update should include the following: a thank-you note to your followers, a quote or personal story related to the situation, interesting photos, and video clips, as well as relevant news or stories in your classroom or school.

2. keep in contact with funders

The best way to invite your contacts to view your profile is to share your link with them via phone calls, emails, Facebook posts, direct messaging, etc. While sending the link, ensure that you provide information about your needs. You may also ask them to share the link with their networks as well.

3. Share on social media periodically

Routinely share your profile’s link across multiple social media platforms and other digital venues. Take this opportunity to talk about your goal, what it means to you, how it will change your students live. Just be sure to avoid over-posting as this might irritate and turn off potential funders.

Last school semester

1. Create urgency with final remarks

All goals are set to zero at the end of each school year. So, remind all friends, family, parents, businesses (local or national), friends of friends online and offline about your goal ending soon.

2. Share during Teacher Appreciation week

Worldwide people partake in the joy of showing appreciation to teachers. So, be sure to have your profile completely filled in with pictures, updates and needs.

3. Now, show your appreciation

Donors give because they find joy in giving and because they believe in you as a teacher. They give to show thanks and appreciation, to bring hope and inspiration, but they truly give to provide you with support. Do not forget to show your appreciation by saying thanks to all donors and everyone who assisted you throughout the year!