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Promoting your page by email

Email is a great way to get the word out about your Classful profile to a broader audience. It feels personal, but you can send out emails in large batches to reach entire communities of potential funders in just a few clicks.

However, it’s important to be smart in the way you send your emails to ensure that they are opened, read, and received thoughtfully.

Tips for sending emails

Here are some helpful tips for promoting your campaign by email:

Use your URL

Do not forget to provide your Classful page (URL: web address) in the email. You can find your URL by visiting the public view of your page.

Avoiding Spam

Use an email program you are comfortable with. If you create a new email address for Classful page, make sure it is on a domain you have used before. It’s important that the emails you are sending are getting delivered instead of being filtered into the spam box. Your prospects will also be much more likely to open the email is they recognize the domain name.

Send with a sense of urgency

When your goal has to be met by a certain deadline, your donation goal can seem like a nervous experience. Remember, even if you don’t reach your goal you will still receive all donations.

When you send your email send it with a sense of urgency. You can mention that the funding is in need of a field trip coming up or for a school project. Whatever your needs may be remember to be sincere and honest.

Don’t send mass emails

Preferably, you should send each email individually so your prospects feel important and valued. However, this isn’t always realistic. Try separating your email list into categories based on demographics or their potential connection to your Classful goal and page. That way, each group of emails that you send will have something in common with each other.

Send multiple emails

Not everyone is going to open the first one you send, and it’s going to take some persistence to get real results. Make sure you are using different tactics for each round of emails, and that the emails you are sending are appropriate to the unique situation of the person you are sending it to.

For example, don’t continue to bother someone with requests for funding after they have already donated or asked to be taken off the list.

Thank donors right away

You should receive a notification when someone contributes to your goal, so be sure to send them an email right after this happens to let them know how valued they are.


Promoting your page by email will make a big difference in your overall success, and it’s not difficult to do. Use these tips to put together a successful email campaign push for your page.