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Setting the right goal

After signing up for your Classful account, you’ll need to decide on a goal for your funding needs. Remember, all Classful accounts are set to 25 donations and can be changed at a later time. Also, your goal can receive more than what’s set. The goal is a target for this years funding needs.

Think about field trips, school supplies, projects, snacks and other things when determining your goal’s number. Be realistic and honest while making every donor feel like their contribution to you is meaningful. Side note: be sure to post updates of how the funds are being spent.

Plan accordingly

Plan accordingly while aiming toward this year’s funding needs. What can you celebrate in your class? What items do you need for your next project? Do your students need anything?

A primary goal should be all of the above (and more) to be successful, especially when it comes to your goal on Classful.

Be precise about your school needs

Funders want to hear about everything you need and how you plan to use the funds you receive. Funders give from their heart and will feel more comfortable if you’re precise about your needs. So, take your time when considering your goal and all your educational needs.

Try creating an online document to write or with paper and a pencil (a number 2 pencil). Don’t forget to include all possible fees as part of your detailed breakdown, too.

Set a feasible goal

When determining your goal keep in mind that most funders will come from the networks you have and create. Businesses local and national help fund teachers, but we can not make any promises that every teacher will receive funding from a business.

Set a feasible goal and remember, you can always change your goal number. However, choosing an attainable goal can ensure that funders can make the difference in your life as well as your students education. By planning with your donors in mind and when your network expands, you can increase your goal in line with your new situation.

Setting target dates

Funders will feel a sense of urgency if your goal’s needs have target dates. For example, if you have a field trip coming up or if you want to have items for a specific project before winter break. Donors tend to give more when teachers set target dates. Small goals with targets will create such an urgency.


Remember to be honest with everything you do on Classful. We believe in you and wish to help you in your teaching career. So, set a feasible goal, set target dates (if needed), be specific and realistic and promote.