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What are the fees?

0% Platform Fee

We do Not charge a platform or subscription fee.

Free to Get Started

Teachers can create a FREE teacher profile, and share it with friends, family, and parents to help with funding needs. If you’re a teacher, sign up today and start receiving the funding you need from family and friends to parents and businesses (locally and nationally).

Transaction Fees

A transaction fee is a percentage-based fee charged to the teacher for processing and safely transferring donated funds to the teacher’s bank. The transaction fee is 3.9% + $1.00 for Merchant Processing* (debit and credit card processing).

Transaction fees are collected after the donation is made, funders are not charged the transaction fee. How it works: a funder donates $100.00 and 3.9% + $1.00 is deducted from the $100.00 for the transaction fee. Thus, the teacher receives $95.10.

How we process transaction fees

Classful uses a 3rd Merchant Processor Stripe. Teachers can start collecting funds immediately after signing up, however, teachers will need to connect their Stripe account before withdrawing funds.