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Why is there an unknown charge on my bank statement?

An unfamiliar charge on your credit card statement is alarming, but it’s not necessarily an incorrect charge.

Sometimes funders may forget the name Classful on their bank statement, an authorized card member may not have mentioned it to the card owner or the funding amount may seem incorrect.

What to do if it still seems incorrect

If you’re still unsure, go to the teacher’s profile (received in email and on statement) to see if you know the teacher or not. Send a message to the teacher to see if the teacher can help verify your donation.

If it still seems incorrect and as a last resort, you can usually call your credit card company and ask them to give you the full name or abbreviation on your bill.

Still having trouble

All donations made to a teacher are processed each night at midnight. If it still seems incorrect, email the teacher and let him/her know about your concerns. Ask for a refund if you still believe the transaction was made incorrectly and send a message to the teacher of this page.

If you’ve contacted the teacher and you are still having trouble, contact us and we will send a message to the teacher to see about resolving the matter.