Why should I use Classful?

Teachers are often expected to subsidize their classroom budget with their own funds. This can be difficult to sustain because, as we all know, teachers are not always paid a fair salary for the work that they do. If you’re a teacher, sign up today.

Because of this reality, many teachers are seeking alternatives that allow them to provide their students with the school supplies, field trips, projects, snacks, experiences and overall learning that they deserve while keeping their own budgets in check. Rather than using your own funds to support financial shortfalls, we present to you Classful.

We’re on a mission to help YOU as teachers raise the funds you need to provide students with a quality education without putting your own financial stability in peril.

Classroom initiatives

Where are those markers?

In some cities parents are not able to provide their children with supplies and extra books that are not covered by the school, not mentioning many other things. Rather than spending your own funds to purchase these items Classful will bring a community for funders to assist you.

A classroom initiative is an effective way to provide your pupils with everything that they need without going broke.

Real funding

Planning for details

With Classful you can receive the funding you need immediately. We understand it’s difficult to know what you’ll need in advance and not every need can be planned, that’s why it’s our mission and we feel honored to bring funders to you with real funding.

Computers and other devices

The future

Sometimes computers are in desperate need of repair or replacement. Sometimes certain lesson plans can only be taught on a computer or tablet. Students use computers to do research, learn to type, communicate with teachers and classmates as well as write papers and other things.

Receive funding for computers, tablets, and other devices. People love to give and enjoy empowering those who have needs aligned with their beliefs.

Field trips

A learning experience outside of the classroom

There are a lot of opportunities for students to take educational field trips that expand their educational experience outside of the classroom. If your school district is unable to fund such excursions there may be students who are unable to participate, or in some cases, all field trips are simply canceled.

Children benefit from experiential learning, and field trips are a great way to put theoretical learning into practice.


Something new or comfortable

Sometimes teachers need furniture for their classroom. Some teachers may need new seating to replace years old chairs, computer desks, cubicles, lamps or a rug.

All areas of a classroom can enhance a students life. Science teachers may want to dress up workstations based on themes or play rugs to learn about the universe.

Specialty classes

Beyond the basics

Art and music students are often the first victims of lack of funding due to economic woes. Art and music are two essential programs that provide a huge benefit to the overall development of children.

Being a teacher in today’s world is difficult enough without financial issues. However, a lack of funding is the reality in many school districts around the country. If you are concerned about how you will provide your students with the services that they need and deserve, it’s time to take a closer look at Classful.

Funding for you

Re-imagining education

When you utilize Classful you are able to bridge gaps in school funding without putting your own financial security in peril. Now is the perfect time to start your teacher profile on Classful!