Some teachers have enough energy to write engaging and helpful teacher blogs, or they may enjoy reading blogs for and about teachers.

For many teachers, being underpaid, overworked, and underappreciated has become an accepted part of their day-to-day life. After a long day dealing with difficult students and grading papers in their free time, most teachers go home and switch off.

Education resources

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Teacher blogs can be a useful resource for teachers

Below you’ll find an awesome list of blogs for teachers based in the United States. Teacher blogs can provide the following:

  • Useful lesson plans
  • Fun downloadable worksheets
  • Easy classroom organization tips
  • A platform for teachers to connect
  • Real-life experiences and advice

There are many great teaching blogs, so to save you time, we’ve created a selection of the best teaching blogs for different educational levels below…

The best teacher blogs

Pre-K blogs

Coyne’s Crazy Fun Preschool

Coyne’s Crazy Fun Preschool is a blog dedicated to bringing fun and excitement into the preschool environment. The owner and author of the blog, Laura Coyne, has over 19 years of experience working with children and shares everything from her best play dough recipes to her favorite apps for teaching preschoolers.


PreKinders is a one-stop shop for all your preschool resources. This blog has a wide range of printables and teaching tips, helping to make lesson planning easy and enjoyable for pre-k teachers.

Elementary school blogs

Learning in Wonderland

Covering everything from DIY crafts to complete with your students to the latest elementary furniture, Learning in Wonderland offers excellent tips and advice. The blog is inspirational for teachers looking to create a more organized and colorful classroom.

Rock and Teach

Looking for advice on how to engage an unmotivated reader? Rock and Teach dedicate blog posts to specific ‘Teacher Problems’ and offer proactive solutions. The blog owner, Katie, also shares her passion for baking online and offers teachers fun recipes to try!

Middle school blogs

In the Middle

In the Middle is a blog run by a dedicated team of five middle school teachers. Each teacher has a different specialist subject, such as math, life science, or reading, so you can conveniently find in-depth insight into different middle school classes in one blog!

Beyond the Worksheet

Looking for new ways to make learning math fun? Beyond the Worksheet is a blog dedicated to helping teachers make teaching math fun and exciting. The blog’s author, Lindsay Perro, has even created an escape room-style math challenge called Math Escape, which you can read more about on her blog.

High school blogs

Tales of Teaching in Heels

Tales of Teaching in Heels is a blog that mixes practical teaching tips with real-life experiences from the blog owner and author, Stephanie. Stephanie is an organization queen and offers her readers fun tips and templates for classroom organization.

Square root of negative one

As the name suggests, Square root of negative one is a blog dedicated to helping math high school teachers. The blog focuses on lesson structures and getting the best out of your students. For example, the blog recommends reducing time spent explaining instructions and letting students work more actively.

Special education blogs

Teaching SPEDtacular Students

From classroom tours to grant applications, this blog is an interesting read for any teacher considering a move into special education. Teaching SPEDtacular Students is a blog run by level 1 special education expert Caroline Sallen and shares Sallen’s advice and experiences from working with students with mild educational needs.

Extra Special Teaching

The author of Extra Special Teaching, Angelica, is an experienced special education teacher and has worked with students with various disabilities, from autism to traumatic brain injuries. She shares teaching tips and her experiences with her blog followers, covering everything from recommended reading lists to how to encourage problem-solving.

Classroom management blogs

Cult of Pedagogy

The Cult of Pedagogy is an incredibly useful blog for busy teachers. The blog is split into multiple categories, and you can browse via topic to find specific blog posts. Teachers can browse the Cult of Pedagogy’s vaults of information and find everything from classroom management to learning theory.

Promoting Success

If you’re looking for downloadable worksheets, the Promoting Success blog offers multiple educational resources, from math task cards to historical timelines. It covers multiple subjects, from science to special education, making this blog useful for teachers no matter what grade or class they teach.


Teaching blogs are a great way for teachers to help each other and share resources, ideas, and experiences. Teaching can sometimes feel overwhelming, and reading any of the above blogs will remind you that you are not alone!