When applying to those all-important teaching jobs, you want to put your best foot forward and impress your potential employer.

For teachers, a great resume can make all the difference between moving on to an interview or your information ending up in the rejection pile. To have a resume that makes you look great on paper, you need to keep up with the latest trends and styles to ensure you’re always on top.

You might think that with many states suffering a teacher shortage, walking into a job will be easy. But you will still be competing with other teachers, making it more than worth your while to make that extra effort to succeed. This list gives you some inspiration to help you transform your resume from dull to dazzling.

For educators, impressing schools is an integral part of getting hired. So why not start today by reworking your resume into something that highlights why you’re the perfect choice for that position? Read on for a complete list of tips, tricks, and example resumes to help you succeed in your job search sooner.

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Things you must include as part of your resume

The first step to creating a great resume is to look at the content you’re including. Many teachers make the mistake of simply throwing everything possible onto paper, making it difficult for potential employers to sort out what’s relevant from what’s not. By starting from a blank slate, you can ensure you include information that’s on-point, appealing to employers, and perfectly showcases your skills.

1. Focus on your credentials and education

With most teaching jobs requiring specific education or degrees, making those credentials front-and-center of your resume makes it easy for schools to see if you’re qualified for the job. Top your resume with a section on education, and you’re off to a strong start. This section should include degrees and any further relevant training or certification.

2. Highlight your relevant experience

With education being a core requirement for nearly all teaching roles, to effectively stand out, a teacher’s resume needs to effectively highlight the experience that makes them more suitable for the position. For those with limited teaching experience or student teachers applying for jobs for the first time, focusing on work experience or curricular teaching activities can provide that extra edge rather than leaving a blank space.

3. Include your additional skills

Do you follow a particular model of teaching? Perhaps you’ve recently trained or taken an interest in additional skills that transfer well to the classroom. This section is where you can show off those skills tailored to the specific role you’re applying for.

4. List accomplishments instead of your job description

While older resumes often painstakingly list every aspect or duty of a particular role, employers don’t get all that much from the job descriptions you include in your CV. This is especially true if you’re already teaching, as many responsibilities will be the same.

Instead, focus on your accomplishments and achievements in that role. Whether it’s statistics of improved grades, received awards, or even information from past evaluations. The point of your resume is to sell your ‘teaching brand’ to a potential employer, so why not focus on all the good stuff?

Tips to help make your teacher resume stand out

Once you’ve got the content of your resume down, it’s time to take a closer look into what you can do to make your application look even better. These tips can allow you to take your resume to the next level, improving your chance of an interview and helping you show yourself off in the best light possible.

1. Tailor your resume for every job

If you’re applying for an art teacher role, and your resume only talks about how great your skills are for a science teacher position, then you’re likely to miss out. Tailoring your resume for each job can allow you to include more relevant information and even specific keywords. This enables your resume to be far more connected to the employer and makes connections between how your past work can benefit them in the future.

2. Ensure professional formatting

There’s nothing worse than a resume that looks terrible or is simply unreadable. For many employers, a document in full Times New Roman is just as off-putting as an over-the-top graphic design-styled resume. Your final example should be professional, modern, and in keeping with the roles, you’re applying for. Leave the flashy, design-heavy resumes to graphic designers, and pick a format that’s more in line with the professional norms for the industry.

3. Check once, twice, three times

Before sending your resume, ensure that there are no errors. That means anything from grammar and spelling to ensure your font and style are consistent. Passing your resume onto someone else to check over for technical things like grammatical errors or missed spelling mistakes right also be a good idea.

Examples of great teacher resume

If you’re still unsure what a great teacher’s resume should look like, these two examples can provide a little more insight into the style, structure, and feel of a teacher’s resume. One example targets high school teachers, while the other is better suited to early education or preschool teaching.

High school teacher resume example


Developing scientific and mathematical skills in high school students

An enthusiastic Science teacher with over a decade of experience supporting students to expand their scientific knowledge and research skills.

Key skills include:
  • Advocacy for students
  • High levels of the organization
  • Leadership & team building
  • Insight into student needs



HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER (January 2009—Present)

  • Teaching Freshmen scientific principles and research skills, including physics and biology.
Notable accomplishments:
  • Supported the creation of a school science club
  • Honored as Science Teacher of the Year in the school district in 2012 and 2015.

MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHER (August 2007-December 2008)

  • Taught fifth- and sixth-grade Science and assisted with the chess club
Notable accomplishment:
  • Supported students to achieve the best in the school district through the chess club
  • Improved scientific comprehension by 50% based on pop quiz testing

STUDENT TEACHER (January 2007-April 2007)

  • Worked with small groups of fifth-grade Science students and supported lessons
Notable accomplishment:
  • Supported students to succeed in yearly science fair project, achieving first place in the school district


  • Bachelor of Science in Biology and Physics

Preschool teacher


  • Supporting pre-kindergarten children in developing vital life skills.
  • Preschool lead teacher with ten years of experience in preschool and daycare settings. Professional education background, experience with young age groups, and excellent communication skills with children, colleagues, parents, and supervisors.
Key skills include:
  • Detail-oriented
  • Conflict resolution
  • Early years knowledge and understanding
  • Collaboration and team building




Responsible for managing 12 students from ages 3-4, including the planning of stimulating activities for developing motor, language, and social skills. Clear communication with parents and guardians through meetings, phone conversations, and assessments.

  • 123 DAYCARE, Location, CA (September 2012-September 2013)

Management of 10 employees plus the day-to-day operations. Duties include billing, payroll, administrative, curriculum planning, and staff leadership. Implemented and supported the running of new curriculum plans for all children within three months, with clear documentation and reporting.


  • Master of Arts in Education (Elementary), Expected April 2020
  • Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art, 2009
  • Certifications
  • Nursing Assistant (2011)

Get your teacher’s resume noticed

Getting your resume noticed is about ensuring you’re using the right focus. Make sure you highlight your credentials, focus on your accomplishments, and tailor your resume to each job, and you’re far more likely to succeed. With more and more people considering teaching, there’s never been a better time to spruce up your resume and get the job of your dreams.