Calling all teachers, Teacher Appreciation Week is just around the corner!

Teacher Appreciation Week is a fantastic event that recognizes how teachers contribute to society and support their local communities. Whether you plan on spending this week teaching your class about gratitude or showing your colleagues you appreciate them, don’t let this week slip by!

What is Teacher Appreciation Week?

Teacher Appreciation Week takes place on the 6th-10th of May and is a week-long celebration dedicated to recognizing the work teachers do for their local communities.

As a teacher, the idea of a week-long celebration of your achievements may seem too good to be true, but Teacher Appreciation Week is a fantastic opportunity to show your support for other teachers in your local area and across America.

How to show support for other teachers

As you will be well aware, teachers often contribute their own free time and money to school projects and activities, to ensure their students get the best education possible. This should not have to happen.

Prior to Teacher Appreciation Week, make an account with Classful and show your support for any colleagues or teachers in your local area trying to raise money.

How does Classful support Teacher Appreciation Week?

Classful is a unique platform that allows teachers to fund-raise with complete control. From special trips to school supplies, teachers can begin fundraising initiatives that will greatly benefit their students. Teacher Appreciation Week is an opportunity for teachers to support other teachers across America or raise awareness for their own fundraising goals.

How to get your students involved with Teacher Appreciation Week

While planning activities for Teacher Appreciation Week may seem like you are asking to be praised, Teacher Appreciation Week can be a great way to teach your students about being thankful.

For example, during Teacher Appreciation Week you could…
  • Ask students to write a letter or card to someone in their life they appreciate.
  • Encourage students to tell their peers what they appreciate about each other.
  • Remind your students they are fortunate to be receiving an education as some children do not have this privilege.
  • Craft a gift or card with your students that can be given to the principal or other teachers in your school.

However you decide to spend Teacher Appreciation Week, remember this week is about you and appreciating the time and effort you dedicate to your class.

Signing up to Classful prior to Teacher Education Week will give you plenty of time to set up a fundraising page that you can guide parents towards if they ask how they can best support you during the week.

So, don’t wait and create a Classful account today!