While it’s no secret that teachers’ salaries are not the best!

Did you know that, due to chronic underfunding of schools, ninety-four percent of teachers in this country reported spending almost $500 out of their salaries over two years for classroom essentials?

Education resources


Did you know that teachers fit the bill for school supplies?

We are not talking about computers, iPads, or state-of-the-art gadgetry; we are talking about grassroots essentials like crayons, board markers, pens, books, plastic sleeves, and tubs of disinfecting wipes. Most of the time, these teachers are not compensated or reimbursed adequately and are not rewarded with overtime wages to compensate for these personal monetary losses.

Teachers strive for the best education for our children

We believe that those heroic teachers striving to give our future leaders and doctors the best education possible on a shoestring budget need our help more than ever. They deserve better, and so do all the students who are potentially missing out on better education.

It’s time we help!

Classful gives teachers the tools to easily set up a profile to let the world know their work and why every donation is important to their cause. These profiles are incredibly easy to share via social media and even easier to donate to.

What’s more is that teachers, students, and parents alike can track these causes, help promote them, and know that each donation gives the gift of a much more fulfilling and rewarding education without teachers resorting to subsidizing it themselves.

How it all works

Classful was set up to help teachers raise the necessary funds to help their students, and we strongly believe they should not have to pay out of pocket for this. We offer teachers the chance to have funding given to them directly with no middleman involvement