When studying to become a teacher if you would have asked me, What do you expect to do for your students? I would have replied, Teach them of course! In reality, as a teacher what you end up doing for your students goes far beyond teaching.

The things I do for my students… with care.

Below I list some of the unexpected things I do for my students…

1. Become an arts and crafts extraordinaire

While providing a fun and informative education for students may seem like a full-time job, to truly impress your students and their parents, you need to show off your arts and crafts skills. From wall displays to posters, never underestimate the power of glitter glue!

I never thought I’d spend my weekends sourcing the best craft supplies for my students but it’s something I find myself constantly doing.

Some of the essentials I recommend having in stock are:
  • Poster paper
  • Glue sticks
  • Crayons and marker pens
  • Pencils
  • Fuzzy felts

2. Deliver Broadway-standard acting performances

From historical days to raising money for charity, there are countless occasions where teachers are required to dress (and perform) as characters. Often the best costumes can be found in goodwill or similar stores and a good accessory can make all the difference.

Having the right costume really helps me get into character and deliver an Oscar-worthy performance (well, in my head it is at least!) to inform my students about whatever the dress-up cause is about.

3. Become an expert social planner

I don’t agree that I sacrifice my social life for my students, rather, teaching has helped me become an expert social planner. Whilst I can rarely attend last-minute social events, as I am usually hunting for teaching supplies or planning a lesson, I have learned to carefully manage my time and make social plans far in advance so I can effectively plan my time around them.

Although I never planned to be an artist, actor or planner, these are things I do gladly for my students, to help them get the best education possible.