Tonyia Williams-Ruddock


I have been teaching for 18 years now. I started working at a city run Day Care in the Bronx. Then I went to work for the Department of Education. When my family moved to New Windsor, NY I applied for an open position with the Poughkeepsie City School district.
I am a teacher who believes that all children can learn. I accept all children as individuals who are unique. I encourage my students to try and do their best always. I am constantly adapting, because teaching is a profession that is constantly changing. I am always looking for new ideas and new ways to teach a concept. I enjoy the interaction and working with my students, seeing their growth, and watching their eyes light up when they see something, they think is awesome or cool. Like many of my colleagues I am tired and exhausted by March and can't wait for school to end and by August I am excited and ready to get my classroom ready for the next group.

I work at the Early Learning Center @ Smith School. The school population is a diverse mix of African American, Latino, Caucasian and Asian students. Free lunch and breakfast are provided to all students. There are 15 kindergarten classrooms and 4 pre-kindergarten classrooms in the building. Kindergarten teachers share teaching assistants. Teaching assistants who help us keep it together spend time in 2 kindergarten classrooms daily and if they are absent, we may have a substitute to fill her space for the day and we may not. When you first enter my classroom If no one told you it was kindergarten you would think it was first grade. I do not a home life area or block area, although I know my students would love it.

Unfortunately any teacher who comes to the Poughkeepsie City school district is responsible for supplying their classroom with needed materials from scissors to a classroom library, maybe I shouldn't say that, but the teachers I started with and came after me, that has been their experience as well. I entered my classroom and all I had was tables and chairs. I didn't even have a bookshelf to put the books that I came with on. It was shocking to me. I used to work at Department of Education in NYC. I didn't have to spend very much, and we were able to get some of what we did spend back through teacher's choice.

What ever help I can receive to better prepare my students would be greatly appreciated and I thank all donors in advance for your contribution to my classroom and students.
I have been teaching for 18 years now. I started working at a city run Day Care in the Bronx. Then I went to work for the Department of Education.... read more


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