Donors Choose and Classful are popular websites that allow individuals and business to donate to teachers and school-based projects of their liking. The funding can be used for anything from new textbooks to an important field trip, and everything in between.

Before we dive in, the major difference between DonorsChoose and Classful is that DonorsChoose uses the funding to purchase school supplies for the teacher and Classful gives the funds directly to the teacher.

What Is the Difference Between and

Both of these platforms allow users to donate to causes that are important to them at schools all around the nation. These days, crowdfunding is an extremely popular concept, and it’s no surprise that underfunded schools are using it as a way of improving their student’s education.


It’s estimated that teachers at over 80 percent of public schools throughout the United States have posted a fundraiser on Donors Choose. This immense popularity has led to the site becoming, arguably, the most popular crowdfunding site for schools in the United States. Almost one billion dollars has been raised through this site and has gone toward projects in every state.

Donors Choose was founded by a teacher at a New York public high school who couldn’t afford copies of a book for his class. After considering the amount of money that gets spent on supplies at the school in which he worked, he started Donors Choose. The transparency of the website proved a great hit and, as of 2019, every public school in the United States can benefit from its service.


Classful is similar to Donors Choose in the sense that it provides teachers with a valuable resource that can help them to fund projects, field trips or even school supplies that they’d otherwise miss out on. The concept of funding teachers directly is new and innovative. Classful was created to fulfill the lack of funding in classrooms across the United States and since studies have shown that over 94% of teachers purchase school supplies with their own money Classful decided to help teachers raise the actual funding they need unlike Donors Choose which only provides materials. Classful believes that since teachers are already spending their own money on school supplies than they can be trusted to spend the funds received on the things they need. It is one of the quickest ways a teacher can procure funding for classroom supplies, technology, field trips and more! And you can be sure the teacher receives the funding they need because they’re paid out on the day of receiving the donation.

What Do These Sites Achieve?

Both of these sites provide an invaluable service for public schools all around the country — Classful allows private school teachers as well. Without them, many schools — and many children — would be unable to have a quality of education that is among the very best in the world.

Thanks to both of these sites, children have up-to-date textbooks and computers, among a whole host of other things. While some people may argue that field trips aren’t a vital part of education and that there may be people misusing these websites, the truth couldn’t be further than that. Field trips can enrich a child’s perspective on life and provide them with the inspiration that they need to pursue a certain type of career.

What Types of Projects Do They Fund?

Both of these websites fund virtually anything to do with education, and can often provide a valuable lifeline to underfunded public schools. There’s not really much difference in terms of projects that these sites help to fund, as both are focused entirely on improving the quality of education that children receive by providing resources teachers need.

Who Actually Gets the Money?

In both cases, the majority of the money makes it to the causes that are being donated to. Classful proudly states that its platform has a 0% rate for the teacher who registers on it. But it also notes that 2.9% + .30¢ of every donation is taken for merchant processing! Classful solely relies on tips – other than the processing fee, the service is absolutely free for donors and teachers. The rest can be spent as the teachers sees fit as they already know teachers spend their own money on school supplies.

When you donate via Donors Choose, the money goes to Donors Choose plus 15% if the donor wishes to donate to Donors Choose. They purchase the goods and ship it directly to the school. While, essentially, they’re acting as the “middle man,” it’s a tried and tested process that has helped countless schools around the United States. Donors Choose has been awarded the highest ratings from charity evaluators Charity Navigator and Charity Watch.

Is One Site Better Than the Other?

It goes without saying that both sites are full to the brim with worthy causes, and regardless of which site you choose to donate through, you’ll be helping improve the education of children and making it easier on teachers. Donors Choose has the security of all purchases being made through the company itself. Whereas Classful sends the money directly to the teachers to spend as they see fit and by donating money through Classful, you can be sure that no matter how much or how little you donate, you’ll always be making a difference.