Many people have a yearning desire to be a teacher, whether it be for a certain grade or subject matter, and other than that, they aren’t too concerned about the details. Other folks are truly passionate about teaching in a public school.

Public school teachers are pretty self-sacrificing and are known for their dedication even in the face of many challenges.

Peer opinions

I have always wanted to teach in a public school in my own community, and I always find it interesting to hear the many different reactions that people have when they find out my profession. When you voice your desire to teach in a public school setting be prepared for a lot of people to talk you out of it. Many people will try to dissuade you from teaching in a public school.

They will cite a variety of reasons:
  • The parents won’t be very involved
  • You won’t have the resources you need
  • There are too many problems with the U.S. public education system
  • There are going to be a lot of “problem” students
  • You won’t make any money

The reasons go on and on. If you are truly passionate about teaching then these types of comments won’t get you down, but they can give you something to think about. There is truly a passion that drives public school teachers, and for them, their careers are a lot more than just a job.

In fact, when I began my career, there were many moments when I did second-guess my decision, but to be honest, those doubts never lasted very long.

The importance of dedicated public school teachers

It’s important to make a difference in our own communities, and teaching in a public school allows you to do that. You may not be able to change the world all by yourself, but you will have many opportunities to make a serious difference in the lives of your students. There are a lot of kids out there who can benefit from having a teacher that goes the extra mile and ensures that all of their students are given the chance to succeed.

This is exactly how I approach my job, and it is an outlook that has served me well. It is important that I have been able to overcome the challenges that public schools can have because the rewards have been positively enriching beyond my wildest hopes.

Challenges that come with working in a public school

Of course, there are many challenges that come with being a public school teacher. The pay is lower, there may not be adequate resources available for the school, and the class sizes may be larger than those at a private school. In spite of these challenges, there are a lot of ways that working in a public school can be incredibly rewarding. In my situation, I have a lot of support from other dedicated teachers at the school, as well as a proactive administration. We all believe that we’re in this together, and we work well as a team. Having a collaborative mindset at your school can make all the difference! And while there are some parents who aren’t interested in being involved in their child’s education, there are few true troublemakers who set out to make life difficult for teachers.

However, most of the parents are happy to pitch in and lend a hand when they can. We have also been able to establish some regular parent-teacher fundraising events that help us to fill the budget gaps. All of these factors make it easy for me to see that working in a public school is definitely the right career path.

If you are a teacher who is considering working in a public school, make up your own mind and don’t pay too much attention to the naysayers. After all, without dedicated public school teachers, the future of our country would not be as bright as it is today!