Unfortunately, it’s all too common to hear stories about teachers looking to leave education – but in some cases, it’s understandable.

Teachers often complain about:

Above all, sometimes we just feel burned out.

While it’s true that we all get angry, frustrated and upset from time to time, it’s often the case that the saddest voices just so happen to be much louder than those who are content with their position. But it’s important to hear some positive reaffirmation from our fellow teachers – particularly at this time of year.

Without further ado, we’ve compiled some of the most inspiring “why I teach” comments from talented educators across the US. Take a read, and get inspired, and use this as reasons to remember why you teach.

1. I want to make a better world for my children – and other children.

“I’m remaining in education because I want to do my best to protect my own children and our future generation from the issues faced in education at present. If I can inspire happy and confident children while they are in a learning environment, then I’m happy in my job. I still get butterflies in my stomach when I observe that a child has had that “eureka moment.” – Louise T.

2. Math is universal.

“I’ve been working in the same district for nearly twenty years. I’m here for the kids of this area. I think it’s amazing that each day I get to witness these kids grow in confidence and knowledge before they go out of the world and apply their math skills to the real world. That’s what helps to get me out of bed every morning.” – Jane S.

3. I feel valued.

“This profession needs me to stay put. If each of us were to give up, there’d be nobody here to ensure these children get the education they need to succeed in life. For me, that creates a feeling of real value in what I do. I’m not sure I’d get to experience that anywhere else.” – Kevin M.

4. It’s all about the children.

“I’m a teacher because it’s all about the children. That’s who I stay for. It doesn’t matter if your administrator is useless, or if you get no support from the community. It’s the children that don’t have any support network at home that need teachers like us. I’m here for the kids, 100 percent.” – Gordon B.

5. Every year is different.

How many jobs can you think of where you get to reinvent yourself every academic year?

“Each July, I get the most amazing feeling that I can be whoever I want to be, and I can do my best to take this new class of children on an adventure throughout the year. There’s nothing better than that.” – Tammy C.

The wow-factor.

“Sometimes, you might feel that things can’t get worse. But then, out of nowhere a student will tell you that you’re an inspiration, or you’re the reason why they enjoy coming to learn every day. Money can’t buy that sort of sense of pride.” – Niah V.

It’s in the blood.

“Sometimes, people are just destined to do things. I knew I was going to be a teacher from an early age. I used to line up my dolls and stuffed animals at the age of six and teach them the alphabet. Thankfully, my current class is a lot more responsive, which means work is more rewarding!” – Vickie H.

The smiles.

“Regardless of how tough it gets in here, there will always be little moments that make you smile. It’s a cliché, but no two days are the same when you’re a teacher. When things are getting difficult, it’s important to find your reasons to smile and focus on those. Each time I do, I remember why I love this profession so much.” – Alyssa G.