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Who we are

At Classful.com, we believe it is our purpose to create, share, and be social.

Our mission began a few years ago to help educators get the funding they deserve more efficiently and faster. As we looked into solving this problem, we could not help but recognize other issues in the educational world. Today, we still support educators, but we offer so much more. We are working hard to make the educational world more social, prosperous, and beneficial for all involved with the right products, time, and dedication.

Our mission is simple

Classful is a unique marketplace for digital educational resources. On Classful.com, you'll find a community of educators, administrators, schools, PTOs, nonprofits, parents, and shoppers who share a passion for education.

It's our mission to keep human connection at the heart of education. We built an educational marketplace where creativity lives and thrives because educators power it. We help our community of sellers turn their ideas into successful businesses.

To open a shop on Classful, first activate the selling of products in your settings. Next, start adding your resources. Yes, it's that simple! We make it easy for your to add products, create discounts, and ultimately get paid.

We believe in your success! That's why we're dedicated to helping you be more successful on our platform. Sellers on our marketplace only pay 5% per transaction fee*.