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Empowering teachers to get the funding they need and our students with the education they deserve.

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At Classful, our number one focus is to support educators to help their students in the ways they know best. Whether it’s providing new educational tools, opportunities for exciting and innovative types of learning or simply freshening up their learning space, we’re the platform that makes it all happen.

We’ve purposefully built our platform to provide funding for any number of educational requirements and pursuits because we know that when it comes to their students, teachers know best. We’ve designed our process to be as smooth, streamlined and straightforward as possible, making it easy for teachers to create profiles and donors to put money into the future of their children, and the children in their local communities.

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Getting started

Ready to start supporting your local teacher today?

Whether you’re an educator looking to fund a particular piece of equipment, or a teacher looking to upgrade the materials used by their students, Classful is there to support you. If you’re a donor considering how best to put money back into education, we’re the platform of choice. Our dedication, unique approach and consistent support are what sets us apart, and it’s the reason we’re among the top funding platforms for teachers today. Our funding goes directly to teachers when they need it most; no long delays, waiting periods or choosing what they must purchase. Now that’s a service you can trust.