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Everyone can shop for digital educational resources, decorations, forms, and more on Classful. So transform your classroom or homeschool with decorations and stay education ready with our resource library. Every day more resources are added to our collection, ranging from PreK through adult, vocational, and higher education resources.

Sell your original teaching resources like handouts, printables, lesson plans, and classroom activities as digital downloads on Classful. Whether you're a retired educator, creator, or still working as an educator, earn passive income today.

Leverage the power of messaging to keep students, parents, colleagues, customers, and staff up to date and informed or answer any questions they might have. Add attachments and keep track of all replies.

Befriend your colleagues, shops you love, friends, parents, schools, and more. Find and keep in touch with them quickly on your friends' list.

Create and save photos, videos, GIFs, and other account albums to your albums list. Save your memories, tutorials, and things you want to be stored in a single place.

A wishlist allows you to create a personalized collection of products you want to buy at a later time. Wishlists can be purchased by someone else for you with our unique "Purchase Wishlist" feature inside all wishlists.

Fundraising is for everyone. Whether it's for student tuition, to support an educator, a PTO looking to raise funds for a special occasion, or school equipment, we have you covered.

After completing a purchase, you will receive them by email and saved in your download library. Download, sort, filter, and search all products by title. You can also leave a review, which sellers greatly appreciate!

Review your profile and fundraising analytics. Your profile analytics helps you see your visitor rate and donation jar revenue. By understanding and using fundraising analytics, you, your classroom, PTO, school, or nonprofit organization can better appeal to donors and create more effective campaigns.

We made sure to make privacy meaningful on our platform. You can disable your account anytime and set it to private. When you set it to private, sharing and saving features will be removed. You can also enable review first following to review follower requests.

Your profile is used to represent your account type. Add your social media, contact details, school, PTO, and display your albums, fundraisers, reviews, and more.

Add your social media profiles to your account. We provide a range of platforms to share with your friends.

Make it easy for supporters to support you by adding a donation jar to your profile. Some accounts continuously raise funds for their educational needs and find it easy to maintain fundraising year-long.