I am a 2nd year teacher of special needs students. I work at a very high needs and high poverty school. Our students live in very dangerous neighborhoods with a lot of crime. We do our best to provide for our students. We provide clothing, school supplies, food during the day, nonparishables to go home, among many other things. I have 13 students that are all special needs. When I got into my classroom, it was empty. I spend a good portion of every paycheck I get on things for my students. Every student gets a birthday celebration since I don\\\'t know what they\\\'ll get or won\\\'t get when they go home. My students need to feel loved and safe before they will be open to learning. I\\\'ve built relationships through the extra things I do for them and most of the time those extra things come out of my own pocket. I do my best but I am lacking in funds to take them on community based instruction field trips. My students need help learning social skills as well as the skills to manage their own money and life when they grow up. We use community based instruction field trips to help them gain real world experience in a controlled setting. The money I receive will be used to fund these field trips as well as continue to provide whatever necessities they may need. Thank you so much to anyone and everyone who even thinks about donating. You have no idea how much it means to us as educators.