Experiencing something traumatic but not being able to process or move on from it can lead to a negative outlook, whereby the person feels like they have no control over their lives and the things that happen to them. Psychologists refer to this as a victim complex or victim mentality. It can be classified as […]
Teaching your child at home by yourself can seem like a monumental task. But fortunately, plenty of help is available online. Various organizations have developed homeschooling programs and courses that make it easy for any parent to educate their child themselves. Moreover, you can use these courses for virtually any purpose, including preparing your child […]
Here, we’ll look at mental exhaustion, its symptoms, and how to handle this particular type of fatigue. Also called mental fatigue, this feeling can be akin to the sensations of tiredness and ‘drained’ you feel after physically working out. What is mental exhaustion? Mental exhaustion can be characterized in different ways, but that drained, tired, […]
As parents, you’re raising the minds of tomorrow. You are your child’s friend, teammate, biggest fan, challenger, teacher, and safety net. Raising your kid means shaping their future, and we want you to shape it for success. Success means they have had all the tools from childhood designed to give them the confidence and self-esteem […]
The age of 8 is an essential transformational period for a child, as it signals the start of middle childhood. The young child who once needed their parents for help with everyday tasks will no longer be as reliant as their mental, physical, and emotional growth soar. For many parents, having a more independent child […]
Many parents diagnosed with ADHD wonder if they can pass the condition on to their children. They fear their genetics will affect their child’s education and life outcomes. Unfortunately, recent research suggests that parents with ADHD are likelier to have children with the condition. Worse still, most of the risk of developing ADHD appears to […]
The 3-day potty training method is a short, intensive course that lasts three days. It can be used with children of all ages, but it is most effective with children between the ages of 2 and 4. This method allows you to begin potty training your child after just a few days of effort. This […]
Stimming is not confined to one group of people – everyone is likely to have these habits and unique tendencies, even if you have not thought about what they are. It could be discreet, like biting your nails or fiddling with your hair. It could be tapping your fingers, rocking back and forth, or other […]
Picture this: you have just put your two-year-old son or daughter to bed, then tiptoe downstairs. Everything seems to be going according to plan – they have slept soundly for several hours. Suddenly, they scream inconsolably, and you dart upstairs to see them thrashing around as they lie in their cot or bed. But all […]