Experiencing a traumatic event can be a challenging hurdle to overcome. While you may be aware of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, many people don’t know the other outcome that can arise following a difficult event or circumstance. Post-traumatic growth is a theory suggesting that you can come out of the other side of trauma […]
When you’re in a classroom or any other social situation, you come across plenty of people with different ways of thinking from you. While many of these come from social and cultural differences from one, some of them come from psychological differences that people have from birth. This includes conditions such as high-functioning autism. Learn […]
As a teacher, you might benefit from implementing Universal Design for Learning into your usual lessons, which helps accommodate the entire classroom. The term ‘universal’ could suggest a broad approach that teaches everybody the same way, but UDL is instead a method of educating the class using the techniques that work best for them. What […]
Perseverating is sometimes misunderstood as bad behavior or defiance. However, getting “stuck” on a thought, action, question, activity, or feeling is not deliberate or poor behavior. In children and adults alike, perseverating cannot be helped and is often seen in injury. Even those undergoing extreme stress that they cannot manage may display signs of perseverance. […]
Just like adults, children can experience mental health problems. However, they are less likely to identify or understand them. Therefore, improving awareness of children’s mental health issues is essential. This post explores the value of understanding children’s mental health problems. It then looks at what treatment options psychology has to offer and the effects it […]
In the United States, all children with a classified disability are legally guaranteed free and appropriate public education, also known as FAPE. This legal doctrine is outlined in the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). At its core, FAPE ensures that all children receive a well-rounded education, particularly those […]
Reaching 7 can be a fascinating time for both a child and parents. The toddler years are behind you, and your child is fully developing into a personality and identity of their own. While they remain highly dependent, they are now starting to exercise forms of their independence and aren’t quite so reliant on mom […]
Sensory input is an everyday part of our lives – it is simply how we experience the world through our senses. This becomes more complex and important to understand when working with children. How do they experience sensory input? And how does this change for those with sensory processing issues, such as children on the […]
As children develop, many parents wonder whether their child is progressing as fast as their peers. While every child is an individual and not all children advance at the same pace, there are some significant milestones to watch out for. Doctors use these specific milestones to observe your child’s development and whether they are where […]