FlexiSCHED is an educational tool that is useful to teachers and students by helping them keep up with student attendance records during high-engagement enrichment and intervention periods.

The program is designed to flexibly fit in with students’ schedules and the school’s culture and philosophy. This is a program that teachers for teachers create. High school teachers and students generally use FlexiSCHED, but it can also be adapted to help middle school students. This time is usually scheduled toward the end of the day, in place of a study hall, and flex periods last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.

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How does FlexiSched Work?

FlexiSCHED helps students by allowing them, with the assistance of teachers, to schedule time in their class schedule to get caught up on assignments, retake tests, receive intervention if necessary or if no extra help is needed, they can spend the time doing enrichment. Teachers pick a designated day of the week, usually a Monday, to assess which of their students need extra help and in what areas. They will then go into FlexiSCHED and schedule intervention time for those students for the remainder of the week. Once created, these schedules can be modified.

What Features are Offered by FlexiSched?

The program is designed to provide targeted learning. FlexiSCHED offers the following features:

Single System

Students and teachers can easily see what classes they need to schedule flex time for, schedule the time, and keep up with progress in the same system.

Teacher Requests

Teachers can request or require that students attend a specific Flex period that they work on specific work or classes. Once the teacher has asked for it, the students can’t override their request.

Schedule Options

There are different schedule options available. You can start by scheduling an initial single flex period and multiple periods, working around different students’ schedules.


There are attendance reports so teachers can check which classes students attend and ensure the requested classes have been visited. Teachers can also see what other courses other teachers are asking for flex time for.

Student Voice

Students are allowed to select which interventions they feel they need. Therefore they create a personalized learning plan that is beneficial to them.

Feedback about FlexiSched

Many teachers and students are already using FlexiSCHED across the United States. Many students and teachers already using FlexiSCHED feel that it is an excellent resource for students who struggle academically, and the flex time can be used to get caught up in these classes. Many teachers feel the program is not being used as much as it could be to reach its full potential. Students who take advantage of FlexiSched also agree that it is beneficial in providing extra help and support.

Some teachers were concerned that flex time would cut down on precious teaching time. Still, scheduling time during the school day for kids to get caught up on things they have gotten behind is better for teachers and students so that they don’t have to stay after school to get it done. It also ensures that the work will get done since they do it at school under the supervision of teachers, and attendance and progress can be monitored.

Overall, this has already proven useful in helping students get caught up academically, and it is expected to continue to be successful.

If a school has not used this program yet and is interested, they can attend a webinar offered by the FlexiSCHED team on their website.