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This READY TO USE (NO PREP) lesson addresses the social-emotional learning SEL / character education curriculum concepts of EMOTIONAL CONTROL, SELF-REGULATION, RELAXATION BREATHING, MINDFULNESS, MEDITATION, & SELF-CONTROL. It includes 36 slides and links & QR Codes to 7 embedded videos to utilize with your lesson that model and explain the concepts that you are teaching. Also included is a video with 5 games that are research-based and proven to teach these concepts that you can utilize for individuals or the whole class. The lesson is introduced by Izzy, the Wonder Dog which the kids love.

Concepts included are:

why self-control is vital to learn
there is no "one" right strategy so each person needs to figure out what works for them
self-soothing is a learned skill
relaxation breathing
body awareness
This lesson is appropriate for use with both large and small groups or as an individual intervention to support your social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum. It is intended for the upper elementary, middle school, or high school levels.

As a bonus, you also will be getting a free unique PowerPoint template that you can utilize over and over! What a bargain! A pre-made lesson ready to teach with no prep AND a unique PPT template! And all for less than the cost of a couple of cups of coffee!!

This presentation has 33 slides and includes 7 different embedded videos to support the social-emotional learning/character education curriculum concepts that are addressed. This is a rich variety of concepts that all need to be taught to our students to ensure their later success.

I would schedule 45 minutes for this lesson depending upon the discussion that you lead with students and how many videos you utilize. It could easily be turned into a unit for small groups. This lesson is easily customizable for many different age levels depending on how you present it.

This lesson can be edited to make it fit your exact needs. I have the slides arranged in a way that I feel will help me teach, but you may want to rearrange or even delete some. The beauty of being able to personalize this lesson for yourself is that it is easily adapted to teach different levels at the elementary level or even older.

The videos and support the social-emotional learning/character education curriculum concepts and help students to generalize them into their own lives and experiences. These videos are thought-provoking and entertaining ways to think about this very important concept and how it relates to being successful both now and in the future. I have found that videos are very effective in helping students to create an emotional link to the abstract concepts that character education involves. Coupled with discussions in which you can assist students to make the connection, it is an easy and effective way to teach these difficult concepts and assist students to internalize them into their own personalities.

This presentation includes slides that have transitions and animations to help to hold your students' interest. It is easily personalized and customized and includes a master slide that you can copy and paste into the location where additional information or personalization is desired.

Character education/SEL is vital to the success of our students. Employers report that the qualities for which they are looking when hiring include the 'soft skills" that are character education. As educators, we are called to support learning in the character education and social skills areas in order to educate the whole child.

Videos (other than the ones of Izzy & Oliver) are embedded. I do not own them or control them, so if there is a problem with a broken link or something else, please let me know so that I can repair, replace, or fix the presentation for you. Anytime you have technology incorporated, you risk having related issues.

I appreciate communication so that I can provide the best possible service for you. In the event that a link does not work, please contact me via the 'QUESTIONS" page or can email me directly at [email protected] , and I will do my best to remedy the situation for you!! I want to provide the best possible product for your use.

**NOTE*** links do not work in editing mode in PowerPoint. They are only active in presentation mode. Please be aware of this. Embedded videos will work in both editing and presentation mode in PowerPoint.

**NOTE** If you are using a Chromebook and/or Google slides, some animations are lost, but the lesson should still present well. If embedded videos do not start for you, click on the word-based link, "CLICK HERE" or the screenshot of the page to start the video.

After uploading to your Google Drive, click the file and then open it as a Google Slide. I have included word-based links, QR codes, as well as video-based links in case you have difficulty getting videos to play.

As always, if there is a lesson that you need to have created specifically for your needs, please let me know. I am happy to listen to your ideas to extend the coverage of all ASCA Counseling Standards & Benchmarks. Just let me know your ideas, and I will do the work for you!

You have purchased a single license for this resource. You may use this resource individually in your practice, classroom, or school in whatever manner you wish. However, re-distribution of this resource in any way or use of it by anyone who is not the license holder is a violation of copyright and is against the law. If others are interested in this resource, please purchase an additional license or direct them to my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Please play fair. This is intended for single classroom use only and should not be distributed or published without written permission from Counselor Bev. Lesson & worksheet copyright 2021 & PowerPoint template Copyright 2021 Counselor Bev.
This READY TO USE (NO PREP) lesson addresses the social-emotional learning SEL / character education curriculum concepts of EMOTIONAL CONTROL, SELF-REGULATION, RELAXATION BREATHING, MINDFULNESS, MEDITATION, & SELF-CONTROL. It includes 36 slides and links & QR Codes to 7 embedded videos... more
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