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How to recognize and manage an unauthorized donation

One of the benefits of running a Classful campaign and profile is that you can share your story with people around the country. It’s an incredible feeling when you see people from different cities and states contributing to your needs, story, and teaching career.

However, there are some potential downsides to this, and it’s important to be aware of them before you start your campaign so that you can manage it properly.

Credit card fraud

Credit card fraud is becoming increasingly prevalent around the world. Because of this increased risk, there is a chance that your account could receive fraudulent donations from people who don’t have permission to access the credit card used in the donations.

We do have a team that is always vigilantly looking for fraudulent payments and we take them very seriously. We may also take steps to notify the cardholder to prevent their finances from being further compromised.

How to catch fraudulent payments

Does the funder’s name make sense?

As a teacher on Classful, there are certain signals that you should watch out for to catch fraudulent payments. If you notice a funders name that doesn’t make sense, it is likely something worth looking into.

Are you receiving a lot of donations from the same funder?

If you notice many donations made in the same name without a good reason, this is also a red flag to be aware of. If you notice either of these things, be sure to contact our support team right away.

Providing a refund or payment outside of the platform

Another common strategy that a fraudulent funder might use is to ask you to give them a refund outside of our platform through another payment method. If someone asks you to do this, you should immediately notify our team. Please make sure to provide plenty of detail about the situation when you contact us so that we can resolve the problem.

Moving forward

You can always refund transactions yourself if you don’t believe they are legitimate. We also encourage you to contact us if you notice anything that seems ‘off’ during the course of your campaign. We are always available and happy to help.