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How to use your Classful URL

When it comes to promoting your Classful profile and getting it noticed, your URL (which is a link or web address, for example: Classful.com/Name) is a bridge which provides exposure to social networks, emails and more.

With your URL, you’ll be able to reach many funders for your teaching needs – making it a vital part of the funding process.

When you create your Classful account and publish your profile you’ll be given a URL (link) which you can change. You can customize it, making it shorter, longer or as a more relevant way for funders to visit your profile.

Creating a customized URL

An easy-to-remember URL (link) will help funders find you. This could be through talking to someone outside of the internet or through any other method. An easy to type and read link can open doors for your fundraising goal.

Here’s a Good and Bad example:

Good: classful.com/mr-hodges

Bad: classful.com/mr-hodges-wishes-to-meet-his-fundraising-needs

You can customize your URL (link), when logged in, by clicking Edit Profile.

Sharing your profile URL

Once your customized URL (link) is created, sharing it is very simple. Just log in to your Classful account, and from there you can share directly to Facebook and Twitter, as well as sharing via email. This will post your new campaign link directly on your social platforms, or send an email with the new link included.

Your customized URL (link) is also ideal to be sent over text message. With your custom URL (link), your donors are far more likely to remember your page; enabling them to further spread the word about your Classful profile.