Teaching is, unfortunately, often a thankless job. Teachers work long hours and sacrifice their free time for students, only to receive little to no appreciation for the work they do. Don’t forget to show a teacher appreciation this year!

Today’s Teacher Appreciation Day (help fund a teacher you care about!)

Most teachers don’t expect praise and appreciation from parents, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve it. Below we outline some simple ways to show appreciation for your child’s teacher or a teacher you care about…

1. Support their advice

If you ask any teacher how they would want to be appreciated it would be by supporting any advice they have given you. For example, if at a parent’s evening your child’s teacher has suggested you encourage your child to read more, don’t just shrug it off and reply reading doesn’t interest your child. Instead, make an active effort to read with your child and keep their teacher updated on any progress, this shows you support your child’s teacher and appreciate how they are trying to help your child.

2. Donate to a teacher

Donating does more than funding a classroom, donating inspires the spark in education. Teachers play a critical role in modeling the next generation. Teachers lift up society, and they help us to understand ourselves and the world. Donations spread awareness about the need for financial assistance and motivate others to act, so please donate to a teacher today.

3. A ‘thank you’ goes a long way

Never underestimate the power of verbally saying thank you to a teacher or even writing a teacher appreciation letter. When you pick your child up from school or communicate with a teacher on an open day, take the time to show your appreciation by thanking them for the work they are doing with your child. This may seem like a small way to show appreciation but it can be incredibly impactful in making a teacher feel valued.

4. Reduce burdens where possible

The working day of a teacher does not begin and end with school hours. Often a teacher will be in their classroom hours before and after students to prepare lessons and extracurricular activities. Ask your child or their teacher about any upcoming events or school projects and try to help out in any way you can. This can be by doing something simple like providing cookies for a bake sale or sourcing extra craft materials for a school project, helping to reduce stress and minimize extra work for a teacher is a great way to show your appreciation.

5. Notice the extra miles

While school trips and costume days may be nothing but fun for your child, they can only be achieved with hard work and dedication from teachers. Many teachers will refuse expensive gifts but something as simple as a card signed by the parents of children in their class goes a long way to showing appreciation after a teacher has gone above and beyond of what is required of them.

6. Support their ideas and projects

It can be hard, nearly impossible, for teachers to receive the funding they need for special projects or to improve teaching standards. Platforms like Classful provide teachers with a simple way to raise money on their own terms and a great way to show appreciation for your child’s teacher is to donate to any fundraising initiatives they may have.