Clear boundaries help students determine behavior expectations for middle school and the behavior acceptable in a classroom environment.

Perhaps more importantly, clearly defined guidelines also teach students about behavior that is not welcomed in the classroom! Middle schoolers, in particular, may require regular reminders about behavior expectations. As all parents, guardians, and teachers know, pre-teens and teens tend to push the boundaries when they can.

Students in middle school may act out to try and impress their peers or show signs of frustration and irritation when things go wrong. Recapping your behavior expectations helps to reinforce classroom rules and prevents students from taking things too far.

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Creating behavior expectations for middle schoolers

Behavior expectations should cover all types of conduct and may not be restricted to learning. When students are given behavior expectations, they may cover a range of topics, such as:

  • Classroom attire
  • Bathroom breaks
  • Homework submissions
  • Use of technology
  • Speaking respectfully to one another
  • Eating and drinking in class
  • Use of learning materials

Some behavior expectations may seem obvious, but it’s always worth restating them! When reprimanded, students may find it amusing to point out that their undesirable conduct wasn’t explicitly referenced in the classroom behavior expectations, so it pays to include basic behavior guidelines!

Conveying behavior expectations for middle school

Once students know what’s expected of them, they’ll have no excuse for falling short. Teachers should set out their behavior expectations at the start of each year or term, with regular reminders as and when needed. When delivering behavior expectations to students, teachers can help pupils to understand and remember them by:

  • Displaying them in the classroom
  • Providing an electronic or paper copy
  • Asking students to sign a ‘behavior contract’
  • Using funny memes or gifs
  • Giving reminders when classroom behavior starts to devolve

With an easy-to-understand set of expectations and a clear list of penalties, students will be fully aware of the teacher’s behavior guidelines and the consequences of breaching them. Of course, students are keen to adopt a collaborative approach to learning and may try to issue some behavior expectations of their own!