In an ideal world, what would teaching be like?

What should teaching be like?

As we currently face a teaching reality full of school supply cuts and burnt out teachers, we can’t help but wonder what teaching should be likeā€¦


In an ideal school, a teacher would be able to walk into their classroom and have all the resources they need to teach readily available to them. They should not have to fight against school supply cuts or negotiate with their superiors to gain access to the funds they need to provide their students with the best education possible.

Under no circumstances would a teacher have to consider using their own money to purchase necessary supplies, as this would be unheard of!

Time to re-charge

Like students, teachers should have to follow rules. Rules about how much they are allowed to work out of school hours! – Sometimes teacher need to decompress!

Teachers should be given time dedicated to marking and planning lessons in their timetable and be banned from taking work home or completing it over the weekend. This will ensure teachers have enough time to properly re-charge themselves after a busy day or week and have a well-earned break from the school environment.

Teacher support

Teachers should feel confident about creating new projects and bringing new ideas into the workplace.

When a teacher brings forward a new idea, they should feel supported by:
  • Fellow staff members
  • Students
  • The school principal
  • Parents and family members of the students
  • The state and federal government

They should not have to fight for their voices to be heard, rather, a teacher should be able to feel like anything is achievable.

Do you want to contribute to creating a similar world for other teachers? Or, do you have an idea you believe could create positive changes? Leave a comment below.