Creating and selling educational posters on platforms like Classful.com can be a fulfilling and profitable venture. Educational posters are valuable resources that can enhance learning environments by simplifying complex information, visually engaging students, and reinforcing learning. Below, we detail a comprehensive guide on how to create and sell educational posters, specifically focusing on utilizing Classful.com, […]
Creating and selling test prep materials on Classful.com offers an exceptional opportunity for educators, tutors, and educational content creators to provide valuable resources that help students achieve academic success. Test preparation is critical in education as it not only enhances students' knowledge but also boosts their confidence and exam-taking skills. This extensive guide will cover […]
Have you ever noticed that some words in English sound similar to each other? That's because they often contain the same combinations of letters, making them into a 'word family." For instance, the words 'core," 'bore", 'sore" and 'more" all contain 'ore." Similarly, the words 'skip," 'tip", 'snip" and 'flip" all contain 'ip." There are […]
Trying to bring out some creativity in your classroom? Give your 5th-grade students this list of inspirational writing prompts to get their thoughts growing! What are 5th-grade writing prompts? If you work in the classroom, you will know how difficult it can be to inspire your younger students to put their thoughts into words, which […]
According to Jean Piaget, in his theory of cognitive development, there are four stages that each individual goes through. These include the Sensorimotor stage, the Preoperational Stage, the Concrete Operational stage, and the final stage in someone's development, the Formal Operational stage. Find out more about what the formal operational stage is, when this stage […]
The schwa is standard English’s most common vowel sound, yet it's also one of the most confusing and misunderstood concepts. This article outlines what schwa is, provides some examples, and discusses how to teach the schwa sound. What is schwa? A schwa is a vowel sound present in an unstressed syllable. It occurs when the […]
An often-used educational quote from anthropologist Margaret Mead: ‘Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.’ This pivots on helping them to develop a core ability that supports all subject engagement and recall – comprehension. Finding the best ways to stimulate comprehension in young children is not always straightforward. In older students, […]
Receptive language disorder occurs when someone doesn't understand what another person is trying to say. It is a disorder that makes it difficult to communicate. Someone who has this will have trouble understanding the meaning of words and language, leading to responses that don't entirely make sense. However, this is not due to a lack […]
When you are in academia, completing a research project is one of the most enticing things you can think about. It is your opportunity to tread new ground in your field and inform generations of academics to come with brand-new insight. However, before you start your research, you need funding and support from an institution. […]