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If there’s a single subject that more kids struggle with than any other, it’s math.

So when getting those important equations and essential rules across, you need all the help you can get.

That’s where the best free math apps come in. With 81% of teachers suggesting that using iPads could supplement learning, installing apps for mathematics is an excellent place to start. We’ve collected the ten best math apps for kids and students to give you a starting point – the rest is up to you.

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Graduation Cap Black Paper Hat

Graduation Cap Black Paper Hat

$4.00 $5.00
Happy Easter : Coloring Book

Happy Easter : Coloring Book

$3.59 $3.99
Nikola Tesla - WebQuest & Word Search Puzzle

Nikola Tesla - WebQuest & Word Search Puzzle

Unplugged Coding Mini Unit Kindergarten or Grade 1 (Google Slides)TM

Unplugged Coding Mini Unit Kindergarten or Grade 1 (Google Slides)TM

Importance of Biodiversity Forest Simulation Worksheet

Importance of Biodiversity Forest Simulation Worksheet

Alphabet - Jungle Animals Theme - Safari Animals Theme - Preschool PreK, SPED

Alphabet - Jungle Animals Theme - Safari Animals Theme - Preschool PreK, SPED

Flying Machines Activities Bundle (6 activities + activity sheets & videos)

Flying Machines Activities Bundle (6 activities + activity sheets & videos)

'Pumpkin' Halloween/Thanksgiving/Fall Cooperative Activity Puzzle (Grades 4-12)

'Pumpkin' Halloween/Thanksgiving/Fall Cooperative Activity Puzzle (Grades 4-12)

I Have Who Has: Numbers 1-10, Ten Frames Game

I Have Who Has: Numbers 1-10, Ten Frames Game


What makes a good math app?

The best math apps are the ones that engage with students, help them enjoy learning, and even provide them with invaluable skills for later in life. With the best free math apps, you might have a great place to start. But what makes a math facts app good? Here are just some of the things to look out for:

  • Good ratings on the Google Play or App Store for their innovation, educational value, and purpose
  • Math games designed for use in education, as opposed to games intended for a wider audience
  • Maths apps for kids that focus on specific parts of the curriculum – for example, real-world math problems or division and multiplication
  • Apps that are already in use in schools, e.g., those that have referrals or testimonials from teachers or educational facilities

With all this in mind, you’re far more likely to be successful in finding the best free math apps that are effective, educational, and engaging to students. As a parent or teacher, grasping children’s attention is one of the most challenging parts of teaching them – but with a sturdy and well-made app for iPad or smartphones, it’s all included as standard.

The ten math apps you should be trying today

Ready to give virtual math a whirl? These ten best free mathematics apps are an excellent place to start – there’s no cost attached, and you’re free to chop and change as you wish. What works for one student or child may not work for another, so don’t be afraid to experiment to find something that works well for you individually.

1. CK12

This free app uses the latest technology to offer a fully interactive learning experience. From adaptive practice to dynamic simulations, workbooks and quizzes, there’s plenty of variety here for anyone to enjoy. For high schoolers, the BrainGenie section, in particular, is highly popular. The FlexMath section is the place to be for math-based learning, with Higher Math and Algebra included – all for free.

2. Chalkboard Math

This basic math app is ideal for younger students to get more familiar with some of the most straightforward mathematical concepts – in a more interactive environment. Designed like a chalkboard, students will be asked to answer practice questions with immediate feedback to let them know how they’re performing. For instant validation, this app is a great choice.

3. DragonBox Algebra 5+

Learning algebra is easy in this fantasy environment. Designed by the experts to be as intuitive and responsive as possible, this stylish problem-solving platform has tiers of difficulty to challenge even the most proficient of students. Two app versions are available, one for ages 5 to 8 and another for students aged 12 or older.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a well-known and highly successful app designed to develop skills across various math topics – from basic algebra to advanced calculus. Everything is presented in a video format, making it easy for children to follow along and for parents or teachers to track progress. For children that prefer visual instruction, this app is the ideal choice.

5. Sushi Monster

Few apps quite as robust and expansive are entirely free as Sushi Monster. This platform is designed to be kid-friendly and visually appealing to even the most hardened student, playing on the sushi theme to help students score number combinations. Once they get it right, the monster gobbles up the sushi, and the round starts over again — hours of fun in the right hands.

6. Operation Math

For clean, simple, and effortless learning, Operation Math is the app that you want. This easy user interface makes it perfect for solo play. It is designed with over 100 different missions for children to learn and develop their skills in just about every area of mathematics. While this app isn’t entirely free, it is low-cost and has plenty going for it – making it more than worth the small up-front price.

7. Sail Through Math

Designed to promote better math fluency through storytelling and problem-solving, this app is developed with younger students in mind – something the pirate theme and music reflect. This app is an excellent choice for students needing a little visual stimulation. Three levels of learning are offered, too, to offer even more variety in their playtime.

8. GeometryPad

This free app is a favorite amongst teachers and is used actively in some classrooms to improve understanding of geometric concepts. GeometryPad is an excellent supplemental addition to in-class learning and a great way to bring geometry problems into the ‘real world,’ using sketches, compasses, and more to improve understanding.

9. Moose Math

Moose Math is your ideal choice if you’re looking for an app that covers all the basics. Designed with funny characters, countless math problems, and engaging environments, this app will be a favorite for many younger students. This app is the place to go if you want to get down to the basics of addition, counting, and sorting.

10. Free Graphing Calculator

More a tool for learning than a source of learning itself, this fantastic yet straightforward app offers a way to do complex calculations at no cost – especially considering the price of the average graphing calculator. This app can be installed on any smartphone for students looking to do complex calculations at home for easy and immediate access to once-expensive tools.

Which math apps do you consider to be the best for children?