Classroom instruction is just one component of a student’s learning and fully comprehending of new concepts, especially when it comes to a complex, important subject like math.

Practicing the concepts taught in class is key to ensuring students have a firm grasp on the material and how to use them later on when exams roll around. But grading paper homework is time-consuming for the teacher and adds hours of extra grading work to a full day of planning and teaching. That’s where Zearn (Common Core Math Lessons) comes in.

Bridging the gap between what is taught in math class and what students can apply to practical problems takes the help of specialized technology designed by educational professionals. Using an online platform like Zearn is a great way to ensure all students are assigned homework to reinforce classroom concepts without putting a larger workload on the teacher or administrators. Let’s take a closer look at the platform.

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What is Zearn?

Zearn is a curriculum-based online learning platform that helps children learn math concepts. Based on the common core framework, the lessons in Zearn help children apply and practice the concepts taught in the classroom.

With an integrated approach to learning, Zearn helps teachers plan a curriculum that uses independent work and classroom teaching to come together to benefit every student in the class regardless of any existing issues. This helps differentiate Zearn from other online platforms that do not have a full curriculum, leaving the teacher responsible for developing the classroom portion. The platform grades homework and gives teachers full real-time reporting of the work done to examine.

How does it work?

Integrating the curriculum in class with the lessons assigned through the platform, Zearn creates a combination of digital lessons for the student to complete alone and group lessons for teachers and students to work on in the classroom. With lessons that use unique ways of bringing concepts to a level children can understand, Zearn allows every kind of learner to get a solid base in common core concepts. These components create a solid curriculum that provides students from grade levels kindergarten to five with a good understanding of common core math. The Zearn platform has been shown to improve math scores and academic performance with children across grade levels, thanks to the varied types of learning exercises it offers.

How does Zearn help teachers?

The lessons in Zearn give teachers a rich cross-section of data to help identify problem areas where children may need extra help. Easy to read, real-time reports help teachers address issues right away and stop students from falling behind as the year moves forward. For example, suppose reporting shows that most students in the class struggled to apply a concept from the day’s lesson in the homework. In that case, the teacher can do additional instruction the next day to reinforce the concept instead of moving on. This means better comprehension and better test scores for students and fewer frustrations for teachers.

The platform also integrates reporting features that help school and district-level administrators evaluate teacher performance accurately. Teachers can benefit from increased administration support through the understanding Zearn provides of how the school and district are performing overall. This can help teachers prove their worth and apply for funding that will enrich the underperforming areas of the school. With reports available at the click of a button, it’s much easier to compile the information needed to prove the necessity.

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With top ratings from educational reviewers for usability and coherence, the Zearn online platform is ideal for schools with various students and their educational needs. To learn more about the platform and how to integrate it into a school environment, visit the Zearn website today.