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Are you tired of fundraising the old way and dealing with headaches? Luckily, Classful is here and ready to help!

Fundraising is essential for most schools, organizations related to schools, and student clubs and groups. One type, in particular, is student council fundraising. Over time, student council members have come up with many ways to raise money, but the process is complex and prone to problems.

Using Classful is a better way to collect much-needed funds without doing so much legwork and holding the students accountable for providing their shares of donations.

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Fundraising for student council

Traditionally, student councils would fund various needs and causes throughout the year. Members would agree on a fundraising strategy, such as selling snacks, gifts, or other fun items to school students and friends, family, and staff members.

While these methods do work, it’s quickly becoming an antiquated idea that leaves room for problems and creates the need for student council members to go out of their way to sell items or personally collect donations. Students may become personally responsible for the lost funding if the contributions are lost or tampered with.

That issue is easily solved with a Classful fundraising account. Classful is a fundraising and donation collection platform for teachers, student group members, and institutions to raise money for various needs.

Classful is a reliable way to easily collect donations online and process the money quickly and accurately without a long wait or tackling hassles involving red tape and paperwork, whether for a class trip, new supplies, or hosting events.

Public school student council fundraising

Public school student council members likely need several fundraisers throughout the year. The easiest way to accomplish fundraising is through the Classful platform. Rather than collecting the funds themselves, the students request donors to send funds to them through Classful. It streamlines the entire process and takes some pressure off students to collect and keep track of money.

There are a few benefits to raising money for the student council group through Classful. Because public schools are funded through the government, they are tax-exempt. That means that donors can claim a tax deduction for a charitable contribution and receive a tax-charitable contribution receipt.

This option is perfect for public schools because it allows them a user-friendly way to collect donations with $0 platform fees. The only fees collected are the 2.9% fee from Stripe for processing and the 10% transaction fee.

Fundraising for private schools

Private schools can also collect funds for groups and projects if they are a 501 (c)(3) entity without taxing donors. The school can issue the tax-charitable contribution form for donors. However, when collecting state taxes, Classful pays the tax directly, so donors and schools don’t have to worry. It’s a highly convenient service makes the entire fundraising process for student council or other clubs and groups fast, easy, and hassle-free.

Although private schools may have specific fees or taxes, Classful still provides them with the best solution to collect donations hassle-free and get the most money in their hands.

Schools collecting donations on behalf of the student council

The school can open an account with classful quickly and easily. They need to go to the main site to open an account, go to the section “School Fundraising,” and click “Find Your School And Claim.” You then follow the prompts to complete the account and start taking donations on behalf of the school for student council needs or activities.

Student council collecting donations for themselves

The student council can also collect donations on Classful on their behalf of themselves if they don’t have the option for the school to open an account. They can open a business account and have full access to the great features offered by Classful. They can also start taking donations immediately and meet goals faster and more efficiently.

Benefits of using classful

Using Classful provides students, teachers, and schools a wide range of benefits. It’s a better way to quickly and conveniently collect donations through a trusted platform that takes the guesswork and complications out of the fundraising process. A few of the highlights include the following:

  • Access to funds right away
  • 0% platform fee
  • Fast donation process
  • Accessible online from anywhere

These are just a few of the main points. However, having a Classful account can also provide a better solution for most school and student club needs.

Making donating easier for everyone

When student council members collected donations and funds in the past, there wasn’t much flexibility for the student or the donor. Typically, they had a product or service to sell and a short time frame to collect the money. If the donor didn’t have enough money on hand at the moment to cover the item or the service, an opportunity was missed.

With a Classful account, students can petition donors to visit the account and donate electronically with a school or business account without deadlines and pressure. They don’t need to have a set amount to purchase something from a student on the student’s schedule but can choose the amount and donate at their leisure with zero pressure and less coordination needed from both parties.

Classful also makes accepting donations from locations across the country possible. Do students have friends or family located in another state? It’s no problem with a Classful account!

Anyone can donate quickly and remotely to student council groups without shipping products or waiting in the mail to collect funds. This process is also more secure and prevents issues with lost money or accounting errors.

Take the guesswork out of fundraising

Are you tired of thinking of worthy fundraisers or ways to collect funds that won’t inconvenience students, participants, and the school? Classful is the perfect solution and takes all the headaches out of the process. You don’t need to team up with fundraiser companies that require you to sell their products in exchange for their profits.

The group or the schools get to keep all the money and don’t need to worry about splitting the costs with another company. This also means they don’t need to fool around with bulky and awkward collection forms that leave payment information vulnerable in the hands of students. It takes the burden off the student and the school while providing peace of mind for the donor.

There is no more having to wait for bulky items that may spoil or damage during a shipment. Rather than take the selling approach, students can provide more information in person, via email, or by flyer to potential donors. They can decide if they want to participate and choose how much and when to fit their schedule and budget.

Team up with Classful for your next student council fundraiser

Don’t struggle with your next fundraising project. Create an account with Classful today and forego all the issues and legwork traditional fundraising efforts require. It’s the fastest and most efficient way to get the money they need for upcoming events.